2015 MacBook Air In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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This MacBook Air came out in 2015, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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  • ive had mine for years and it still works perfectly and looks modern

  • My daily drivers are still a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from the 2015 lineup. They're still running the newest MacOS perfectly and I've never had any issues.

  • I'm using my Macbook Air 2015 4gb ram mainly for graphic designing for 3 years now, it's not the fastest of course but working just fine.

  • you didnt talk about system updates , im cant update my mac book

  • I found refurbished for about 450$ is that good price for used one?

  • Roy JRoy J

    Author Reply

    Do it get the new updates

  • I just picked this up today for $350, the apple logo glows on the back too. I'm loving it already.

  • before updating to catalina,everything is okay

  • Can this safely run World of Warcraft? As I’ve been looking these on amazon lately for that sole purpose

  • mine still works like a charm, speed is fine, and the best laptop Ive ever had

  • I have the 2017 refresh with core I5 1.8ghz 256gb m. 2 and 8gb ddr3

  • Between this 2015 and 2017 version, which one do u recommend?

  • I have a 2015 macbook air

  • Does the macbook Air I think 2013 still update to the latest os or even the 2015 one?

  • MehMeh

    Author Reply

    Does it update to the latest update?

  • I am saving for this MacBook Air and in the Netherlands this MacBook is around €599 euro’s so that’s very nice. Also I personally think the quality of this screen is not that bad, I am using a MacBook Pro from 2009 on this moment. So I think that a MacBook from 2015 is way better than what I now have.

  • conclusion? lol

  • dra3bdra3b

    Author Reply

    Just hit 1100 battery cycles for my 2015 MBA, Planning to replace the battery and keep it for another 5 years 😀

  • This guy clearly don't know what he is talking about. 8G of ram for a computer that is meant to be for web/mail/office is more than enough. I have Macbook pro with 16G of ram and in average i'm using 13G with a lot of software development projects and tools opened. If you are advanced user you will not buy air but pro then.

  • I just want a decent laptop for med school lol

  • my 2019 MBA that i just bought in september fell and broke (yes i’ve cried for hours and hours and hours…..) so i just ordered this one…

  • I just keep an external monitor on my desk and it's huge and macbook air is able to drive it really well. And it's light.

  • Is it good for a game like Toontown Rewritten? It’s literally the only thing I care about right now, as well for using it with my cintiq tablet.

  • the screens on the macbook are the best, i ordered a laptop of 2800 bucks yesterday. returned it screen is mat/dim, this screen 5 years old is still the best and brightest.

  • Will this model exist ? Or will it dissappear in months ?

  • Lol. Of course it works! Îm watching this video with an 2010 macbook pro and it always work in 2020.

  • I'm debating getting this. I have an 2019 iMac 4K as my daily driver, and I currently use my old 14 inch windows laptop for school but it's kinda heavy and takes up lots of room in my bag whereas this is light and portable.

  • watched this with my MacBook Air (early 2015). I'm with you, the magsafe + SDcard slot is the absolute winner for me. My battery is starting to sh*t itself, i was thinking to look into the newer MacBook air, but after watching your video, i've decided to get my battery replaced instead. Thanks for taking time to make this valuable review. Stay safe..
    PS: Anyone mention you speak really fast? lol. Great review.

  • Watching this on my MBA 2015, 💪

  • The screen is not big enough

  • JonJon

    Author Reply

    I don’t see what the problem is with the screen it’s not as bad as everyone says

  • Hows the laptops performance during editing videos?

  • okay so buying this exact macbook from my school for $190 is pretty good right?!

  • what accent do you have?

  • watching on my macbook air early 2015.Best laptop for students.

  • I’m on the edge about buying one. They are cheap now. And I always wanted a Mac book but I’m so nervous buying one this late into the game.

  • I had a 2015 MacBook Pro dual graphics and I loved it but I wouldn't buy it again today, I'm going for a high end surface pro 7. One thing that apple have consistently fucked up in the last 5 years are their laptops and it wouldn't surprise me if they discontinue support for these in the next few years. So basically you'll find that if you update your iPhone/iPad you won't be able to sync anything to it anymore. Short of the dependability of macOS there is then virtually ZERO advantage to buying this.

    Also the mid 2015 DG comes in at over £1000 refurbished, for that you can buy a new one with less storage and a much faster processor, screw your MagSafe and SD card slot, you can buy a dual USB C/ USB A flash drive for next to nothing nowadays too.

    MacBook Pro 2015 is the prettiest laptop, nowhere near the best anymore.

  • glowing logo 😍