2016 Chevrolet Colorado | CarGurus Test Drive Review

Midsize pickup trucks offer some advantages over their full-size brethren, like improved fuel economy and the ability to actually fit in city parking spaces. But start shopping around for these svelte trucks and you’ll quickly realize that you’re probably going to have to pay more for a smaller truck than a similarly equipped full-size. The Silverado has a home at the job site, but the Colorado can navigate cities and be a great truck for bikes, kayaks, lawn equipment, or camping gear. You don’t always need a huge one, but a good pickup bed is a great thing to have.

The Colorado is on par with the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma on price. But those import trucks are long in the tooth, have older engines and chassis, and lack infotainment systems as good as Chevy’s MyLink. And the Colorado and its cousin, the GMC Canyon, are also the only two midsize trucks sold in America with a diesel engine. With all these attributes in mind, it’s easy to see why someone would pay a premium for a midsize pickup, especially when it has been as good as the diesel, Z71 version of the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. Read more on CarGurus:

Presenter: George Kennedy
Producer: J.D. Martz

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    Author Reply

    what is the overall lenght of this truck? what model you recommend for short bed?

  • Thanks for a positive review.

  • Nice truck 👍👍🔧

  • They said this truck neatly costs as much as the larger Silverado. What a ridiculous statement. The price of your truck includes all of the options purchased. Yeah, purchase the Bose speakers (more than $500) and all the other options and you will pay a lot for this truck. So what? Want a cheaper truck, then don’t buy very option.

  • Looks good

  • Looks good

  • I bought a 2016 v6 midnight edition I paid 50k tax in. It was a lot higher then I wanted to pay, but I live in the city. Its an awesome truck to be taking into under ground parking and even a regular parking lot as you have a few extra inches (compared to a full sized truck) on ether side of the truck which is actually a big deal… I've since put 25K on the truck and haven't ad a single hiccup with it. Unless you're using your truck for work and hauling everyday you really don't need a full sized truck. It doesn't actually make you're thing bigger… lol

  • I bought one brand new, my link did not work, no heat, put itself into four wheel drive!

  • 3 years from now this truck will be in the scrap yard. American trucks and cars are all junk. Every year they built them with new engine because their are crap especially the ecoboost engine nothing but problems. Please don't waste your hard earned money on American junk. Get a Toyota Tacoma and 30 years from now it will still be on the road and it will worth than that crap.

  • Very unreliable truck

  • I definitely want to step away from my full size Ford F-150 7700, reg cab, 8 foot bed, triton v8. Way too much and too big. I'll give it some time and when I have the money I may just jump on the Colorado

  • The 300 + horsepower engine is underpowered? My ass….In what context? Towing a mobile home?

  • Can the Chevy Trailblazers return to the US to?

  • I love how all the reviews have the most expensive package and complain about price. The WT with the V6 and a decent amount of extras cost a little more than 25K brand new from the factory.

  • It'd be nice to get reviews on trucks from people who actually use them to do more than move a TV home from the store now and then.

  • It does not cost as much with similar equipment. The full size with a decent enough engine to move the weight will be $6000-$8000 more unless it's a leftover model with huge rebates, which doesn't really count, does it?

  • LJLJ

    Author Reply

    Mine was 2015 Z71 Colorado V6 4X4 Crewcab, paid 37 grand, its way cheaper than a TRD Sport Tacoma. I had 30K kilometers and its rock solid.

  • i think its funny that people always say these mid size trucks feel under powered, 309 hp shouldn't feel under powered. although i guess it depends what youre comparing it to. compared to a v8, yes, compared to a 4 cyl, no. ive never had a problem with how the v6 engines performed, and i've worked at many dealerships and driven all sorts of vehicles. Trust me when i say 300 HP is more than enough to give you good passing power on the road

  • Power locking tailgate?!??!

  • I bought this exact model and I'm thrilled with it. paid 40900 CDN with identical options (they threw in a bed extender as well). Didn't need a fullsize and the truck drives like a dream.

  • It's unforgivable that you have to pay more to buy a smaller diesel powered truck than you would to buy a full-sized truck. Why is that? That doesn't make any sense. I like the idea of a 2.8 litre Duramax turbo diesel, but seriously?! I like trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, except for its lack of a turbo diesel engine.

  • The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are about $5K more than a comparably equipped Toyota Tacoma. I think this is the very key reason the Tacoma remains the best selling mid size pickup in the US.

  • thats a sweet color

  • B TB T

    Author Reply

    Love watching those rock finders scrape the dirt at 5:07

    Considering this is supposed to be competition (however laughable) for the Tacoma and Frontier, you did a hell of a job convincing us the Colorado drives like a car by taking everywhere except off road (unpaved well maintained dirt roads don't count here).

  • I test drove the diesel Z71- looking for truck with a better towing capability then my Pathfinder. The ride felt good and power more then enough – the little 2 things I did not like about it was no keyless start and the steering wheel blocked the upper part of the gauges. I put the set all the way up, I like to sit high, and then tilted steering all the way up and found I was having to drop my head to see the full view of the gauges and I am only 5'9". Other than those two minor issues I thought the truck was nice — but I am still not liking the pricing – but apparently they are selling faster then pancakes on a Sunday.
    Nice review – cheers, Patrick

  • As you might expect…..GM missed the mark by producing a huge piece of crap.

  • What’s wrong with a smaller truck costing more? A ton of coal is $40 while a much smaller 1 carat diamond is about $ 4000. Sometimes smaller is just more expensive.

  • I bought the exactly same truck but the v6 gas engine,Z71 loaded with bose,navigation, sprayed bed liner, black fender flare, black bow tie option in lazer blue. Best buy i've ever made. Bigger is not alway better. This truck is more than i need. Best looking truck i've seen so far. A 2016 Tacoma owner told last weekend that he paid 5k more for a less equip truck.

  • Great "American" truck? CarGrus must be paid by GM… Tacoma is more "American" than the Colorado, and if CarGrus don't know that as journalists, then they are hopeless…

  • even loaded up it still under cuts the tacoma in price, you could get a GMC canyon with a nicer interior softer ride for the price of a tacoma.

  • rather get a honda ridgeline. cause 95% dont even go offroad

  • WT? Seems appropriate.