2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT – Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K

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    Author Reply

    what is the overall lenght of this truck? what model you recommend for short bed?

  • 305 horsepower but that 3.6 engine won't last long they should have kept the 3.8 but it was too damn good they got rid of it that's Chevrolet for you or as you would say General Motors.

  • Can you imagine if they didn't get rid of the 3.8 engine wow but the 3.6 not reliable

  • I know this is an old video but I have a few questions since I just got a 2016 used colorado z71.
    1. You mentioned at 25:45 we will be getting android auto, I recently haven't have been able to have it work with it, do I have to go to a dealer and tell them about it?
    2. I noticed that when you clicked on Navigation it showed off the whole map as if you were in google maps. Do I have to have a subscription with OnStar in order to get this?
    3. I have noticed as well that you have the Weather app which I do not have, is this only equipped for LT? Again, I have the Z71 tier.

    Any answers will help me out as I feel like I got ripped off now that I think about it.

  • So i bough this truck, it lasted 3 years/50,953 miles before shit started breaking down. Last straw was my electrical system going out 4 months out of warranty. Shit trucks.

  • Just turned 60K miles on my 2016 Colorado LT, no issues aside from the radio unit failing, and still running with the stock tires

  • I love your Channel and it is my wildest dream to meet you in person

  • Sup DSup D

    Author Reply

    I want this truck!

  • Sup DSup D

    Author Reply

    So your in little river South Carolina, cool! Great review, lots of information, thank you!

  • the back seat "little pocket" WHAT SHOULD FIT THERE?

  • The exact color I want! I thought the model was the same as 2015?

  • 8 spd auto is much better. Reaching 20 mpg in my Colorado v6 combined 😁

  • Thank you Mike we have owned a 2016 Colorado Lt since 2016. But I was on U tube today and came across your video and review on the 16 Colorado and boy did I learn a hole lot more about our truck, so Thank you very much for the information. Ours is white and black inside, Thank you again. R.R.P.

  • What a miserable presentation. First off there’s no such thing as a LT with a Z71 package. I see one side of the truck has a Z71 sticker and the other a 4×4 sticker and this is un heard of. This is a very bad misrepresentation at the fullest. Oh and I forgot I actually have a real Z71 and I also work for Chevrolet.

  • Does it have more interior space than the frontier?

  • gas cap with lock

  • Really good in depth view. I would rather have long videos like this for the sheer amount of info

  • What an excellent unit! I've got an Escape, but want a smaller truck too. I've been looking at Kijiji for used Ford Ranger / Mazda B4000 units, but they want a lot for them … up to $22,000 in Canada. Yikes!! The Chevy has really been catching my attention though and finally they've hired some designers, cuz lets face it GM has been flat as far as appeal goes with their vehicles for some time, but Hey! they just, in the last 2 or 3 years, got it together and now they are right up there. So, well done GM … and what a cool slightly smaller truck. I'm in once I've paid off the SUV. -BJ

  • love this 2016 LT, lots of power  and car carry  5 people   … neat thing  with the blue tooth  for phone   not only does it turn off volume on radio   the a/c fan  goes to a quit mode too to reduce noise

  • Doubting the Tacoma over the rust problems that never have been fixed.
    Colorado it is! ✊

  • JakeJake

    Author Reply

    The only ones disliking this are stupid fucking inbreeds who like driving their rusted trucks around getting 5mpg and putting their their feet through the rusted floor driving it like flinstones.

  • Oh you have the same car my grandpa has

  • how max speed??

  • Why was it leaking out of the exhaust? 10:49

  • Keys?….very dated.

  • Yes thanks so much for the truck review. I'm getting this truck at the Chevrolet Dealerships as soon as I get my Leathers Permit.

  • i know 2 people who drive this. They said it eats up alot of gas and the price was kinda on the high side of 34k.