2019 Toyota RAV4 XSE – The New Small SUV Benchmark?

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Carrying the title of the best-selling vehicle in a company’s lineup comes with some pretty big expectations. For #Toyota, that vehicle used to be the Camry for many years… Over the last 5 years, Toyota saw sales of the fourth-generation #RAV4 double to the point of moving over 400,000 units every year. For 2019, the most important vehicle in the lineup gets a revolutionary change with all-new styling inside and out, more technology, more power, more capability, and improved fuel economy especially on the #Rav4Hybrid. It looks like Toyota may have just set the small SUV benchmark even higher for 2019.

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  • Focusing on acceleration in a family car 🤦

  • Insatiable love for the Dead living dead girl ……………dadadadadadada nanananananana a a tatatatata rob zombie

  • To Mitch to go wrong ?

  • This guy got into right business.

    he talks so much ……..

  • So disappointed in Toyota. Just paid BIG $$$ for a 2020 XLE Premium RAV 4 and the F’ing thing doesn’t even include a GARAGE DOOR opener. The salesman told me it also came with remote start. It didn’t. DON’T TRUST THE SALESMAN. ASK THEM TO PROVE IT!! 🤬

  • Looks great! But lacks power. I need a bit more on my new suv… I’ll keep looking.

  • OMG this video is too popular !!

  • It looks too square-y, something Robocop would drive.

  • Why Toyota! We need Android Auto!!!

  • This vehicle only looks good to me in like two colors. It’s hard to pin down why.

  • No. The CX-5 is, and remains the small CUV benchmark. For one thing, it's considerably more reliable. That's always been toyota's trump card (well, it's ugly and handles poorly but it's bulletproof!) and now they have reliability issues with this vehicle, and CX-5 does not. CX-5 of course, is in it's 6th or 7th production year and Rav4 in the first. But that used to not matter with Toyota.

  • Absolute Junk! While the CRV has LED front and rear on all trims, Toyota is stuck with 1970s bulbs. The vehicle looks cheap, anyone who calls this good looking should check themselves in the mirror.

  • Is that canada Virgin ? Or America? Is the above part comes with black color in all models including the mirror covers?

  • Feminine look, bitch look? It all sounds a little gay. Do you wish it still look like it was made for Gurleys

  • That white on black hard af

  • LisaLisa

    Author Reply

    i agree it doesnt have the feminine look which is nice but its still a Rav which sounds sweet, change the name and its an upgrade. I'm not a mom so I rather have an xt4 or xc40.

  • I like the exhaust sound

  • Buyer beware

  • SKSK

    Author Reply

    We have TaTa Harrier in India.

  • You will never see 37 mpg on the highway unless you are in a traffic jam

  • The best vechile ever in the world

  • Needs a v6 engine! Can't stand 4 cylinders.

  • To be honest, I don't like this model, I prefer the previous one because of that model looked more sport this one looks like if I'm gonna go to an excursion to Africa, I think the Honda HR-V looks better but unfortunately they stopped from producing manual transmission.

  • cg lcg l

    Author Reply

    Hydrogen fuel cell cars are coming

  • These dudes fuck each other

  • the rear reminds me too much of a the Sienna smh

  • RAV6 xse please!

  • Looks waaaaay better than the older one. Did rav4s have any major issues the last few models? Or pretty trouble free? I know there have been complaints about the transmission being sloshy and slow, but I didn't hear about any bad reliability.