2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime: The 302HP Crossover On and Offroad Review

The new 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime introduces a new, faster and more refined RAV4 to the lineup. In this full review we take a look at 0-60, all-wheel drive modes and off-road performance in the mountains.

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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Features
06:00 – AWD Gravel Launch
06:50 – 0-60 Tests
08:43 – Cruise Control Tested
10:57 – Trail Intro
14:12 – Rock Trail
19:36 – Offroad Test #2

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  • I really appreciate the offroad testing even on something like this plugin hybrid.

    One small thing I'd like to point out is the 2.5 hour level 2 charge time requires the car to have a 6.6kW onboard charger which is only offered in the premium package exclusive to the XSE trim. Any XSE without the premium package or any SE trim will have a 3.3kW onboard charger which will charge in about 4.5 hours with level 2 according to the owner's manual.

  • That's more expensive than the Volvo XC40. Ouch Toyota

  • This system sucks, I guess they just can't get A-Trac to work on Rav4s maybe Low Range is required. If you want to get a Compact Crossover and go light off road once in a while get a Forester or Discovery Sport and lift it a little, much more capable AWD traction systems.

  • You're trolling, skip to the end and repeat to drop all the ads lol

  • ArbinArbin

    Author Reply

    most deatiled review so far.
    plz make offroad test of kia sportage and ute also

  • This is an amazing all rounder and amazing acceleration, efficiency, ergonomics and reliability. That slope in the cargo floor would drive me nuts though every time I opened it as my kids stuff and groceries would just roll out

  • So the solution for gas expenses is to pay it up front by buying a more expensive car? Got it

  • The audio levels are terrible and transition from too low to too high, especially when an ad plays. Hard to watch

  • Nice review. Like your test track and that you use it for most all your testing. Thanks for the ride… I do wish they would let us pick rims and tires. Be nice to see a TRD Prime.

  • Defenitelly the best review on RAV4 Prime so far. And the car seems to be pretty decent! Hope to get one in few years 🤞

  • XouXou

    Author Reply

    Can’t wait for the Lexus RX lineup to have the RAV4 EV system, but with a V6 😁

  • This RAV-4 IS Way more expensive than the Subaru Forester and less capable.

  • please review volvo xc90 t8 offroad

  • Better than that ugly ass crvs

  • First rav4 the best rav4

  • I wish Toyota would find a repair for the fuel pump recall. It’s going on 8 months and no fix. I know it’s for over 750,000 vehicles but it’s unacceptable not too have a remedy yet. So many reports of 2019 Highlanders stalling at highway speed. I’ve always liked Toyota but their reliability is not a given anymore. I would definitely be hesitant to buy another vehicle from them unless things change

  • 2.5L gas engine -> 177hp
    Front electric motor -> 179 HP
    Rear electric motor -> 53

    Total HP= 302 HP.

    Yeah, it never makes sense to listen to these numbers by separate.
    Effective output doesn't equal the combination of each motor, which is 409 HP by separate.

  • jurassic park

  • Very nice test, very impressive this Rav4

  • I DI D

    Author Reply

    what is the name of the trails you film this and where in WA is located?

  • What makes it special is that no one will be able to buy it because deal may only have one or two units a year . This what you should lead with the best vehicle you can buy but you would be able to get.

  • SimonSimon

    Author Reply

    Wondering how Toyota’s e-CVT holds up

  • Torques? LOL, idiot. How the hell do people review cars and not know the basics?

  • Who "Like" hopefully can buy a dream car

  • Limited amount for purchases will ensure massive dealer markups…

  • Will one tank of gas charge the battery to full? Start on Batt power for 42 miles, drive until the gas is empty and finish on 42 miles of EV at the end?

  • Trailhawk seemed to do a lot better

  • He said the combustion engine puts out 167 horses. What is the HP after the EV is used? Is still more and faster then the normal-Hybrid only Rav4?

  • Wow. This seems really good.
    Good video as well, really in depth testing

  • this guy is completlly ignorant… why force to go offroad only in electric mode:… idiot.

  • Probably the best vehicle you can get for under $40k……if you can actually get one.

  • Another amazing review. Thank you!
    Please continue off road cars as this is more interesting then regular boring cars. Also you can see the views are more higher when you do off road cars.
    Amazing waiting for more.

  • Very impressed with the Toyota RAV4 Prime. Car dealer told me this car may not be available in New Zealand for the new 4 – 5 years.

  • you may have this in your previous vids, but could you include the incline's on t he hills you're testing?

  • Just curious, in your opinion what’s the ideal tire for the rocky hill climb you use in all your tests? KO2s, BFG ATs or MTs, Falken Wildpeaks, or something else entirely? I’m wondering if a basic off road tire would do the best on that kind of small slippery rocks or a mud tire or maybe an aggressive snow or all season?

  • Much quieter than the regular RAV 4, now they have my attention.

  • I think this will become a very popular vehicle in Toyota's lineup in the next few years.

  • Bravo sir.

  • Oh man… come on. Piano black and off road capabilities? These does not match at all. Stop using that thing.

  • Toyota will only be building 1,000 of those each year. The demand for it is so high that already people are offering $20,000 over list price for them. You can get a whole new Corolla for $20,000.

  • 0-60 times on a crossover is completely irrelevant.

  • Expansive price start at 52650 € in europe the price of a premium car no thanks toyota with updated cvt transmission it'a joke shit

  • Please test the new Mazda cx9 the awd and 0-60 time, all of it please. Nobody ever tests the cx9

  • "cup holder is easily accessible"

    Oh wow! 🙄