7 Social Deduction Games YOU Should Be Thankful For!

Social deduction video games are a fairly new addition to the online lexicon of gaming genres! Games like Town of Salem, Throne of Lies, and Mindnight have been around in principle for decades, but are only now making their way into the game universe. Today I share with you 7 of my favorite social deduction games!

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  • How about project winter? It's a pretty decent game that revolves around surviving and completing tasks rather than trying to find the traitors while they try to sabotage you.

  • Idk what the 6th game on this list but there is no game called the seed or the seat? Maybe you wanna link the names

  • Jesus Loves you! Have a great day!!~~

  • And I got here because of spy party

  • I wonder, have you ever made a guide on how to get better at social deduction games?

  • You missed out Push the Button xD

  • I think Minecraft murder mystery and roblox murder mystery is social deduction especially if you play with friends

  • You should try out Spyfall either through discord or in person! It's a great social deduction game. The YouTube channel Node plays it if you want to see example gameplay.

  • Also i like Project Winter
    game (it's relatively new and is a mix of survival and social deduction, where group of people tries to fix the communication with the outside world and two of them are traitors who need to secretly kill them one by one).

  • I am such a jerk i manipulate my voice very well so I can take being traitor or not being traitor and most people don't catch on so I will be VERY obviously evil but actually good and such I love just messing with my friends I am a jerk yep

  • GuavaGuava

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    I tried to play MINDNIGHT but, I found the community to be quite toxic and unfriendly to new players, I dunno if I started at a bad time or got unlucky or what…

  • The best game is a classic mafia you just sit and chill (in real life btw)

  • Direwolf is 1.50$, ToL is about 8.50$, ToS is 5.00$ DLC is 5.00$ too, Mindnight is free. I'd recommend buying all, i have them all and enjoy them all.

  • the board game clue, and the board game betral at the house on the hill are very fun not 100% social seduction but i think they are good

  • I was just thinking it was like the Resistance.

  • Minecraft factions (someone wants to join you but they raid you and vise versa and you have to figure out if they really want to join or just to bamboozle you.)

  • I'm thankful i dont play ToS anymore…

  • Friggin Americans and their stupid Thanksgiving WUV you guys

  • I was in the t.o.s game i was goku!

  • Among us you could check that out

  • Skimm: "In TTT, you get to work out who has a lying voice and when they say that's not my lying voice, you say ohhh yes it is!"

    Hi everyone, Yuna "terrible lying voice" 66 here, the one Skimm references in this video. 😏 Learn to not have an obvious lying voice in vc for gaming. Or Skimm will use his social deduction mastery and destroy you. Thanks. 🤣

  • LeoLeo

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    u should collabe with


  • Happy Thanks of the Giving 😃👊🏾

  • You should try mobile game Werewolf online….much faster and a good thing on a bus

  • I would love to see more throne of lies

  • Spy party? It's a fun 2 player game like Murderous Pursuits in which 1 player is a spy trying to accomplish a list of tasks while simultaneously acting like an NPC while the other player is a sniper trying to identify and eliminate them

  • Hey im Scottish sooo no Thanksgiving for me

  • Direwolf is on Sale on Steam right now so it's actually about $2 after tax.

  • I don't live in the States, thanksgiving was a month ago for me so I don't have to be thankful but I still am.

  • Another game that I would recommend is Spyfall! It’s loads of fun, and you can play it here: . For those who don’t know, the basic rules of the game is there is 1 spy, and a bunch of “innocents”. The non-spy’s are given a location (such as a restaurant or a theatre) and are given a “role” (such as a waiter or an actor). The goal of the spy is to try and discover the location, while faking being a non-spy. People ask questions about the locations (such as “would people come here often?”) and the spy has to try and uncover the location through these questions. It’s loads of fun! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • The best social deduction game is farting in a small room and trying to figure out who it was.