8 Fun Ways To Up Your Plant Game

Try these plant DIYs to bring more green into your space!

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  • Nice👍👏👏

  • 8 maneras de como matar las plantas.

  • Superb

  • Thanks for sharing, love the hanging garden pots 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • I’m gonna make one of these for my grandpa because he’s a big fan of plants and so is my grandma and my mom but since it’s almost Father’s Day I want to make my grandpa something for Father’s Day my dad isn’t really into plants like that and I already have something for him but now I just need to get something fro my grandpa!

  • Wow, it's awesome 🤗

  • please check my video, i made a basket for my pilea plant.

  • "Up your plant game"
    doesnt make drainage

  • Where do u get the rings?

  • I guess you don’t like plants

  • I'm a kid and don't have much money for my 30 plants but the pots and things they show in their video are terrorable and will probably just rot your plants /roots .

  • Not very sustainable plus a lot of work.

  • M BM B

    Author Reply

    Wow, group think at its best. We get it. No pots without drainage hole and don’t cut the roots!

  • please visit and subscribe my small channel…

  • Really wow..

  • Divine

  • lol most plants in that video will die/rot Edit: rocks and gravel DON'T ALLOW DRAINAGE it's a myth You need perlite, or pumice, akadama, chabasai, or just a good soil and drainage holes 🤦‍♀️

  • Mol KMol K

    Author Reply

    Some of these are good ideas. Some aren’t. So here’s my advice for anyone wanting to do l these. 1. Drainage is handy, not essential. If it’s a plant that likes damp soil and has a strong enough stems, you can pick it up out of the pot, water it, let it drain a bit, then put it back in. (Planterina has a great video explaining this). Otherwise, you can cut up sponge and leave it in the bottom of the cup (Epic Gardening has an example of this one) to help with drainage. Stones/pebbles are completely useless. In order for a self watering bottle to work, you need to have two holes. One to let air in, and one to let water out. Also please, never cut a plants entire root system off (the only time a plant should have to develop a root system from scratch should be from propagation).

  • What size are those macrame rings in the plant holder at the end?

  • Killing plant games 😏shit ideas

  • hi! could you please tell me the dimension of the last item? the wood and macrame ring.. thank you I love it! I will make it

  • Amazing ideas that helps a lot.

  • A couple tips for those of us who live in apartments and can't drill holes in your walls 😔
    1)Buy a garment/clothing hanger on Amazon,Walmart, FB marketplace, etc (I bought mine for $29.99 on Amazon)
    2)Get a few hanging planters or macrame hangers and hang your plant or plants on the clothing rack!
    I have mine at the foot of my bed and it looks like a little jungle wall.
    I may add another one in my living room soon! 💚🌿😍

  • LL

    Author Reply

    Google "Perched Water Table" and you will see that rocks int he bottom of a pot is an old wives tale and not good at all for draining or plants.

  • Hi 🙂
    Your video is great!
    Watch my tutorial and tell me what you think, thanks!

  • For the table that is also a planter, I think I would find a thrift store baking rectangle and use that as an insert, plant in that then make the cut out to fit that. The plastic can slip and waterlog the rest of the innards of the table creating problems down the line.

  • Les plantes ne peuvent pas vivre la tête en bas. De plus quand vous les arrosez l eau ne tombe pas sur les racines et noie les tiges.
    C est mignon les petits contenants mais pour combien de temps ? Une plante a besoin d espace un peu plus grand pour se développer. De plus cette vidéo reprend beaucoup d autres vidéo publiées sur d autres sites. Donc rien de nouveau ☹

  • Very unique
    I’m your new subscriber
    Can you subscribe my channel

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  • Great Tasks against social distancing.
    Just give it some time 🙄😤😷

  • Should have named "8 cruel ways to kill your plants"

  • Wowwwwwwww. I am impressed. I made it by watching this video😍

  • I really liked the rope one it looked pretty.