Animaniacs – Game Boy (Super Game Boy Enhanced)

EN: Animaniacs (アニマニアックス) are a series of platform video games developed by Konami, based on the hit animated series of the same name. Two games were developed featuring significantly different gameplay and storylines; one for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and one for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Game Boy. The SNES and Genesis versions were released in 1994, and the Game Boy version in 1995.

FR: Animaniacs est un jeu vidéo de plate-forme sorti en 1993 sur Game Boy, Mega Drive et Super Nintendo. Le jeu a été développé et édité par Konami.

Le jeu s’inspire de la série d’animation Animaniacs.


Musique d’intro par Mnargl –
Design et montage: Phoenix1291
Description vidéo:

Twitch – –


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  • Damn. I had no idea Super GameBoy Enhancement could be this much of a boost. The OST and SFX are completely different aren't they?