Animaniacs GameBoy playthrough – Stage 2.

This video is a run through level 2 of Animaniacs for the GameBoy. This is another fairly easy level, but the boss can be quite troublesome. The trick to getting on the train at the end is to only push the box far enough for you to just make the jump onto the camera, then Ralph (the boss) will get stuck between the camera and the box allowing the train to move off. If you push the box too far Ralph will follow you, not far enough and you’ll miss the jump, it’s quite tricky! If you’d like to know what I thought of this game go check out my GameBoy blog:

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  • Proper tricky to get this bit just right! When you push the box you have to only push it far enough for you to just make the jump, that way Ralph (the cop) will fall into gap between you and the box. If you push the box too close to the platform he'll follow you up and catch you instead of falling and getting stuck, hope that helps, good luck with the rest of the game 🙂

  • It's a cracking little game mate, not really much to complain about at all and well worth a play through. The last level is a real bitch though! I have a couple of Tiny Toons games on GB, haven't had a chance to play any of them yet, but I'll put them on my to play list! Thanks for watching 🙂

  • I just took pics with my phone! It remembers your password if you don't switch the console off, but that sort of defeats the point doesn't it :D! I have no idea of the names so my descriptions are pretty much the same as yours 😀

  • This looks like a pretty good 8-bit port of the Genesis/Megadrive game complete with good music. Konami was pretty much untouchable back in the day and it seemed like they pushed systems beyond their limits. I'm often curious what could they of done with the Master System given the opportunity. If you don't already have it Tiny Toons by Konami on the Gameboy is also excellent. You might of already made a pick up video of that and I didn't catch it. Great video as always!

  • password system is a bitch if you don't know characters names & come to write it down – dude, dude, blank, dude with hat, girl.. lol.