Apdo and the Tragedy of League's Shortest Professional Game

The shortest professional game in League of Legends history is a story of a charming outlaw, unrequited love, a heartfelt memorial and the bitter fury of a game developer scorned.

Jeon “Apdo” Sang-gil was once revered as one of the best League of Legends players in the world. He conquered solo queue, taking the top spot on the ladder in both Korea and China at the same time, playing four positions the whole time. But Apdo wasn’t trying to sign with a pro team, he was Elo boosting.

Written and hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Edited by: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens)

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MMR/ELO Boosting Code of Conduct
Riot Games

Apdo – Korea’s Infamous Solo-queue Outlaw
Duncan “Thorin” Shields/Dot Esports/Gold Per 10

“Let’s Go Gank” Meaning

Plate of Money Image
Good Game/DopaApdoLoL


Dopa Montage 2016 Rank 1 China League of Legends April Apdo
Emre Huylu/DopaApdo2LoL

Samsung Galaxy Ozone vs Team Dark || Champions Winter 2013 – 2014 || Group Stage Group C Game 2
The League Tv/Riot Games

Dopa (Apdo) Montage – Who received a 1000 year ban. God of Boosting
Best Pro Montage

Thorin’s Thoughts – Apdo the Enigma (LoL)
Duncan “Thorin” Shields

Worlds 2013 Final
Riot Games

Dopa In Competition Before Apdo Get a 1000 Year Ban
Ertas Mungan/DopaApdo2LoL

Pandora.TV LOL Champions Winter Opening_by Ongamenet

[LOL Champions Winter 2013-2014 Preliminary Group G] Must Study Hard vs Team Dark – Game 1
Pandora TV/Dotax

[PANDORA.TV LOL Champions Winter 2013-2014 RO 16 Group C Round 3] Team Dark vs SAMSUNG Ozone – 2
Pandora TV/Dotax

LOL S3 World Championship Hot issue_클템 리신_by Ongamenet

RNG vs. SKT | Semifinals Game 5 | 2017 World Championship | Royal Never Give Up vs SK telecom T1
Riot Games

Official Dopa

【04/02】 잠에서 일어나자마자 하는 겜 첫판 도파 트페 vs 탈론( TF vs Talon Dopa Stream Aprill.02 )
Official Dopa

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  • Dopa vs Faker is Like Sasuke vs Naruto

  • 1:37 that was an awful cut, we all heard he said worlds

  • the only player that nearly match faker

  • such talent should be on dota

  • imagine getting ban with 1000 years for not being a simp!

  • 2:48 갈리오(X) -> 가렌 ;;

  • Why is it always a woman. That destroys a mans potential….

  • Free dopa

  • I consider abdo to be the greatest mid laner ever think about he is the man that discovered perfect wave control

  • my boy got banned for 1000 years for not being a SIMP! fucking legend

  • WTF…This is literally "Suits" for League of Legends…

  • I hate Riot

  • Everyone gangsta untill you see him login in 3013

  • Who would win?

    Faker (In his Old days) vs Apdo/Dopa (When he was still professional player)

  • he still is the best midlane ever, made caps go 0/5 in 9minutes XD

  • WaterWater

    Author Reply

    The whole thing about the girl exposing dopa is just a whole bitches ain’t shit situation

  • Apdo would even Smurf in worlds finals lel

  • the last statment was such a blow… "just a guy playing league of legends with a plate full of money".
    he reached his goal and destination: becoming the best soloq player of all time. that guy is not just some guy

  • Elo booster gets worse punishment cuz they take money prolly. But the elo boosting buyer. I hope she gets punished for it too. But prolly was absolved for ratting out an elo booster in.

  • damn this vid is almost as long as the team dark game

  • He is what you call
    Uncrowned King

  • Tragedy? The guy has more money than 500 of us will have in our entire life, just eloboosting and streaming xd

  • He is the greatest

  • It’s so typical that this greedy company doesn’t like it when other people make money through boosting or any other way

  • Your narrative is trash.

  • He stream tft now :>

  • riots attitude towards players is just complete shit

  • Meanwhile that midget tyler 1 can run it down and ruin games for people and still get riots praises. While this genuinely good player gets banned that long for elo boosting.

    Fucking hate riot so god damn much

  • 💯t apto???????

  • This comment section is like incel galore

  • He's still the greatest midlaner (and the greatest player) of all time. Fakers got nothing on this guy

  • Permission to share your vid on facebook.

  • 4:40 dafuq u mean was he's still the best midlaner in my eyes

  • C. JC. J

    Author Reply


  • it called "joki" in indonesia. we have many "joki" in the competitive dota 2.

    and some pro player from mobile moba game (mobile legends) have track record being "joki" before being pro 🤣😂😂

  • and again, a female takes everything from a man…

  • rossross

    Author Reply

    2:50 You wrote 갈리오 underneath Garen when it should be 가린