Atlas Breeding Guide: Getting the temperature right

Atlas Breeding Guide: Getting the temperature right

So there are some differences between the way breeding on Ark and Atlas work. Having done some breeding now and some experimenting it’s very apparent that there is now a new mechanic involved that will effect weather something can breed at all, as well as weather a baby/infant will survive the maturation process.

The temperature of their environment now plays a role. So if the mating pair are too hot or too cold they will not breed, additionally if the baby/infant is too hot or too cold they will rapidly lose health – and ultimately die.

So in this video I go through the mechanic, what I have learned and how to handle it. If you learn this and follow it, you should be able to successfully breed any animal from any biome without needing to travel across the map to breed.

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  • If you want to join me and my crew on Atlas – we have recently acquired some new territory and so have opened up recruitment for a limited time. Let me know if you'd be interested in joining us!

  • Hi question I live in E14 and F14 and want to breed all my animals in 1 area how many grills for each animal would I have to have do you know and lit at each time for every animal in the game I asking about

  • penguins act as ac units in this game too if im not mistaken.

  • The icebox is a ac

  • Use the ice box

  • penguins is like in ark ? . works like radiators

  • You can build an ice box underwater deep down where the water is colder. It will produce ice. carry ice up to icebox in your base to use for preserving food or to cool down tames. With ice in the ice box you can turn it on and it will have an aoe cooling effect.

  • you can use an icebox to cool off an area

  • You can collect ice in cold regions with an ice box and use it to cool down areas, and torches on wall hooks to warm an area

  • is there hard cap on biomes? can I breed elephants in temperate? I am getting 'wrong biome for breeding' text

  • us buckets to cool them ,fires to heat them, there is alot of maybes and i will try in the "guide" maybe try it then post the video once you get the information..

  • You should know what your doing and how it works before you put out a video.

  • HyperHyper

    Author Reply

    Do you know if you can breed Tigers, Elephants or wolves yet? I've been trying in the region they was tamed in so you'd think it would be the correct region to breed them in but when enabling wandering nothing happens, no indications at all, doesn't say anything about ready to mate

  • for me is not working even if 18º heat always say undesirable biome for mating when try do the mate of bear

  • I've found you! Even though you haven't been hiding 🙂

  • We successfully bred 5 babies and 4 survived. Move to tundra and have the bears breed there have the room line with campfires on floor and a row above in u shape. Stock each fire with 2k or more wood. Also have a trough loaded with meats and berries. Once the babies are born keep adding meat and berries to their inventory eventually they will use th trough. Watch indicators above bears turn on/off fires when indicators come on. Have to watch the entire 8 hours. Temps can switch quick with cold spells and when it warms up again.

  • CaseyCasey

    Author Reply

    penguin has no effect on animals

  • Wow consider a new microphone, ur 'S's" are SUPER SHARP to the ears x.x, but back on topic, thank you for making this informative video 🙂

  • Can you figure out cows?

  • Has anyone had any kind of offspring that was not male?

  • Hey Toves,

    How about using a bucket and getting some water, to try to cool the babies off?

  • how do u check the temp

  • I made a Brigantine for all mine and move em to the right server then. I called it Noah's Ark. 🙂 Thanks for your info keep it up!¬

  • XiriiXirii

    Author Reply

    Hey Troves, thanks for the video, I think Penguins will provide the utility REQUIRED to maintain temperature for babies to mature, they act as Air Conditioning units from what I've experienced, maybe test with Penguins a bit!

  • Breeding is currently broken even if you get them to start the system isnt fully integrated yet

  • Could make a breeding ship i suppose. Sail to warmer or colder area depending. Can still also use fires to help regulate. Use beds to travel to the ship and back when your done

  • Tried water. No change in heat status.

  • in my experience it was 17c where th ebears wer willing to breed not take dmg.. the only solution i can find is just being there and jamming food into the bears belly which will heal him through the heat dmg but at default rates its forever to bred so gl.. I tried tundra as well and it got to cold on me.. its posible we got temp stuff coming to help with this.

  • Tundra isnt going to help you. We had our baby bear die from being too cold in the tundra surrounded by 3 fires and next to a grill inside a stone building.

  • penguins present, cools the temp

  • I can confirm that bringing them to the ocean doesnt help, I think it depends on the region of the maps some have watering holes where its cooler. You can also force feed them to raise their health for the next heatwaves

  • How does the stats and level of the baby beat work?

  • Temperature range is 7-17

  • I live in a hot area, both bears were caught right outside my base, how would I cool them down? wait til night time?

  • What about a fully enclosed breeding room? Does that insulate enough?

  • Is the breeding working on elephants?