Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride (2003)

Barbie puts on her detective hat when Teresa’s prize horse disappears on the eve of a big competition. Foul play seems likely. Barbie and friends must hone their riding skills, untangle puzzles, jump a variety of obstacles, uncover clues, and solve the mystery. Gameplay involves caring for horses by feeding them carrots, apples, and sugar cubes. Environments include an abandoned campsite, an old town, a cave, and more. Mix and match outfits to create the perfect riding gear for Barbie. Solve puzzles and avoid obstacles as you explore the trails. Search on horseback or foot for clues and special surprises. It uses the Renderware game engine.
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  • The nostalgia tho

  • How can I play this in 2020? I need to relive my childhood


    Author Reply

    “Try moving the stones out of the way” OOF I DIDNT THINK OF THAT ONE THERESA

  • my cousin and i play this game before were kids

  • OMFG I LOVED THIS GAME!! but i sucked because i was such a retarded kid lmaoo

  • Nostalgia trip

  • I used to spend a lot of time with this videogame. I remember my mum yelling at me because I didn’t want to do homeworks. I always wanted to play this game. Now I’m 21, I lost the CD. Best memories ever. Thank you for this video.

  • im going on a nostalgia ride, (no pun intended) is there a way to work or even find this game anywhere? ((without getting 50 viruses))

  • Oh my god this is from the DEPTHS of my memories, I loved this game so much

  • oof 23 year old me is hit hard with nostalgia

  • this game was my childhood, i was obsessed!!!


  • you gave me so much anxiety because you missed so many bonus bags

  • i’m upset that you didn’t go to the train station

  • Pleasee where to download this Game pleaseee

  • This was my favorite game as a kid… id still play it today if I could

  • Omgggg yess

  • I played so many times till one time the game had a glitch where the barbie face filled the screen

  • that old man asking that southern belle debutant to build that bridge smh headass

  • where is sWooZie?

  • I played this game for like 2 years when I was a little kid

  • I played this game every single day for about three years. It was such a captivating game for me! One day, I tried to start the game and the pc said, “no disc inserted”. Immediately I was baffled, because I just kept the disc in the pc cause I played it all the time! I asked my mom where it was and she said that she gave it to a girl who i didn’t really like who lived down the street from me. I didn’t talk to my mom for about 4 days after that happened.

  • This game was way too good for a barbie game

  • This is so funny 😂

  • Thank u for brushing the horse. The other walk through did not

  • " I cant get to it there's some stones in the way" 😂😂