BMW R1250GS Adventure in Patagonia – A Journey to the End of the World

GoSouth – The Patagonia Ride. Three weeks of riding. 5.700 km. The most wanted adventure motorcycle in the world – BMW R1250GS Adventure. Starting with the volcanoes in the Araucania, then crossing the “Ruta de los Siete Lagos”, followed by the amazing “Carretera Austral”. And, of course, some other great things Patagonia has to offer – such as the Torres del Paine or the Perito Moreno glacier.

As for the big BMW R1250GS Adventure? The best motorcycle for this trip.

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  • don't overacting please

  • Great Video…

  • Happy Birthday Brother! you Adventures are always my favorite – I can vicariously live out thru you what I will never likely be able to do, what with the End of the World seemingly coming – the world's governments and corps behaving so adverse to all life… till then, I shall Ride my GSA every day till the very end, singing "it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine"… But seriously, grandest thanks for all you and your team do!

  • I completely abandoned traditional television for movies like this one. This is what I love and it keeps me alive while threatening him

  • Müthiş bir emek var dostum. Sevdiğim kanalların başında geliyorsun.

  • It's a fantastic adventure. Is it difficult to find gasoline in these places?

  • 24:26 LOL! powerful wind out there, thow

  • Absolutely amazing! I want come back with a motorbike!

  • What camera gear do you bring? How many batteries for the drone? Nice ”holder” for the remote on the tank bag 😀

  • Awesome trip, and your spanish pronunciation its awesome too! Greetings from mexico!

  • Beautiful nature photos.. Loved it

  • Brings back good memories of my RTW ride.

  • Amazing trip …!!!! hope i can do that 🙂

  • Show. Sou de Natal RN BR. Muito obrigado pela sua viagem. Fez me ver coisas belas.

  • Gracias por visitarnos tenemos un país maravilloso un abrazo desde ARGENTINA

  • this stupid dark plastic

  • Amazing ride & video!👏👏👏

  • Fantastic video! Watching these motorcycle tour videos, I get the impression you need to be a motorcycle mechanic.

  • Ten Million likes. Drive safe and take care.

  • Amazing and awesome trip, thanks gays for this pro job.

  • Băieți sunt mândru de voi ca ati ajuns pana la capătul lumii! Nemaipomenita călătoria voastră.

  • 03:48



  • Great video. Amazing scenery.

  • really scary background music….

  • Tienes seguidores de habla hispana, podrías ponerle subtítulos??gracias

  • i can't imagine what a feeling when riding in the rain at beautiful landscape volcano, it must be very great 😀

  • Driving to the end of world… Without know the real end of world came to us.
    Greetings from Chile 😎✌️

  • Brilliant videography! Loved it!

  • amazing videos! i would love to see more adventure trips with the bike!

  • Lol I see spacecraft n stuff more then rainbows

  • Cool but u didn't go to Antarctica go riding there we'd be more impressed! Or another planet!

  • BMW comercial.


  • K. S.K. S.

    Author Reply

    HELLO! Are you happy with your jacket and rain trousers.I ask because I want to buy and they persuade me to coverall.B Regads!

  • Need a second tour with the same bike

  • What a beautiful adventure on a beautiful motorcycle!!! I don't understand people who dislike this video, they must be jealous 🙂

  • The older model looked alpha .. i liked the older model more

  • awesome!!!

  • Awesome 🇦🇷

  • I like your bike how much is your bike and what is all the additional stuff you add to protect you bick please let me know

  • Loved it thank you very much to you blokes.



  • Good for you man !!

  • Gran video.
    Espero que hayas sabido que Puerto Williams en Isla Navarino es el poblado más austral.
    Y estando tan cerca poder llegar.

  • J RJ R

    Author Reply

    How much does such a trip by motorcycle cost?