BMW R1250GS Adventure Review | Long-Trip Insights

The 2020 BMW R1250GS Adventure was my bike for the Patagonia Ride. The new ShiftCam boxer gives more power and torque, everything is more refined and for me it was the best choice for this ride. The new BMW R1250GS Adventure is for sure a great update compared to the previous version. Here are my thoughts after 6.500 km with this bike.

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  • Beautiful scenery and great background music.

  • What cam cover protectors are used ?

  • What grip/clapm with camera mount did you use (on 6:36)?

  • Rob BRob B

    Author Reply

    I love my R1250GS!! Amazing machine!

  • Да, да
    у тебя очень замечательные кофры!

  • Just replaced the catches on mine last week and they are not cheap at £52 each

  • I LOVE YOUR CHANEL! I have watched hundrets of videos and come back to you guys all the time. I like the honest reviews and comments about the bikes you ride no matter what brand it is. I just got my first BMW R1250GSA. I had a 2016 BMW K1600GTL and a 2016 BMW S1000XR, but I realy like this GSA. Thanks for all the videos. Good Luck and be Safe

  • What about the rust on the Drive shatf spine?
    You should check the Givi equipment. For example their tank bags are better with the locking system. Even there is a model with a key called Givi TanklockED. Also they have a high windshield tinted which is very light. I can even see at night.

  • Some beautiful footage! Made me subscribe. Can’t beat the GS! Thanks!

  • hi,how tall are you?do you used a standard r1250gsa on this video?thanks

  • What size ralley suit do u wear..is it on the loose fitting side than revit

  • That bike is way to heavy for anything else than asphalt. In fact is to heavy, period.
    An adventure bike must be light in the first, second and third place.

  • What brand is your rain combo? I mean this grey/orange set.

  • Another great review, thanks. Do you the weight of this Adventure Sport with boxes and protection ? Please?

  • I tried the EO7+ rear with a TKC 80 front on my Tiger 800. The Mitas was definitely smoother on pavement than the TKC 80, but I was surprised by how little the improvement was in wear life over the TKC 80 rear. It’s an OK trade off, but the Mitas is terrifying on wet pavement and performs strangely in dirt/mud…it does a weird side to side movement when it’s struggling for grip.

    I’ve put a few thousand miles on Dunlop’s new Trailmax Mission tires which I think are a far better option than the TKC 80/EO7+ combo for a trip like the one to Patagonia…including 8,000 miles of wear life. I’m not sure if they’re exporting them to Europe yet, but they’re totally worth trying. They’re FANTASTIC on pavement and surprisingly very capable in dirt and gravel.

  • I’ll put money that the rear tire will be gone at around 5k. Its past 50% wear and the 2nd half never lasts as long as the first half, and the loss in perform will grow exponentially.

  • I would love to see a side by side review of bmw f850 adventure with the big brother on a trip like this!
    Is no doubt that the 1250 is
    better in everything but I am amazed how the 850 is so good to ride in my everyday commute to work!🤔👍

  • More than a motorcycle, is Patagonia the best adventure destination for you?

  • I dont like bmw as they are crap bikes like my k1600gtl but the view you had on that trip… lucky you. Please bring it more.

  • How the worst and most expensive bike on the world,getting best on videos like these..

  • very nice movie and motorcycle

  • Love my GSA Exclusive but the Bumot panniers are far better quality than the BMW equivalent. They are also narrower than the bars .

  • Absolutely loved this vlog. Thank you so much and keep up the great work 👍

  • Great Video, wish I could ride like that, anti slip rubber pads under the tank bag and sorted!

  • ı wish you knew english

  • Too Heavy…

  • i was out on a 300 km trip and lost both my screws on the pannier rack and also the part that goes from left to right side…. Luckely i found that 50 meters from home. 🙂

  • I went for the black genuine aluminium boxes too. I found the locks very tight I actually got a solid key cut so I wasn’t straining the main key. They’re also tight to get on for the first few times. I’ve cleaned them now and used a dry lube and there so much better. I got my first R1250GSA in November and it’s such an amazing bike, just does everything so well

  • Another great video , really excellent

  • I've been riding my GS1200 for 12 years now… nothing can beat it, however, upgrading to this beauty would be nice…

  • Very competent machine but far too big and heavy for my off-road skills and height/weight. My 2012 R1200GS works reasonably well off-road and is a great traveler; however I am still more comfortable on the lightweight bikes.

  • You have the most incredible photography of all the vlogs i follow…….Great job

  • How tall you are? What do you think is the reasonable height to go for GSA instead of GS? Do you think GSA will be as easy to drive in the city as the standard GS?

  • The only good and honest review is from fortnine 🙂 .. do not buy 1250 but a 1200 🙂

  • Please compare this in detail to the tiger 900 rally pro, I'm torn between the two. Also, what a fantastic ride! It'd be nice to see more details of what you think about the bike after such a long ride (e.g. suspension, comfort vs midrange bike, what electronic features did you care most for etc) Thanks for the awesome videos, cheers!

  • Can you explain more about the process of sending, getting and shipping back the bike. Paperwork/license and so on. Thank you

  • Still saving money to buy one… For now my DL1000 VStrom will have to do…
    Great video, thanks for sharing.

  • Great video, but is the GSA an elegant bike?

  • 4:17 Please Borat, such a face is superfluous, you know what the traffic is like in your homeland Romania, we could see that in the movie very well….

    In terms of the R1250GS technical characteristics, the only respectable one is FortNine .

    What we can see in the 1:30 minute and the 10:05 minute, is largely the lack of the R1250GS of the machine itself. The fact is that the driver has a lot of experience and skill, but Daddy has to sell a BMW in Borat homeland ….

    This video is as fun to watch as the Borat in Patagonia.

  • Great video, awesome rider perspective review. This is the type of stuff when people are looking for reviews. You can’t really know how a bike performs by riding 15 minutes from the dealership to Starbucks

  • Ordered mine yesterday. It’ll be my 3rd GSA! I’ve had lots of bikes… all sports bikes before I went the GS route, but I’ve never owned the same bike consecutively three times, before!