Centipede Mini Arcade Review Basic Fun Arcade Classics #03 – The No Swear Gamer

Today I look at the Cenitpede Arcade Classics #3 Mini Arcade by Bridge Direct Basic Fun

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  • I really like the game. I got this one in the mail today. Easy enough to play. I am not a fan of the graphic and the sound effects are lacking especially when you lose a turn and the mushroom make the drumming sound. The game us worth a try. Worth the money.

  • i got one and my first attempt playing it I got 22,250

  • I have them all! This one is one of my faves. Plays great for the price! 🙂

  • BTW, if you hate Centipede and can't find Qbert, then pop off a part of the circuit board on this and you'll have a Qbert arcade cabinet with Centipede labels( if you like Centipede and made it Qbert, you probably won't get Centipede back).

  • The only one I got is qbert

  • The only real regret on this is the joystick, not the original ball style controller.
    Played it for awhile- gave to a younger family member eventually.
    But the qbert one is a long term keeper

  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    I have this, Rampage, Joust and Galaga.

  • Loved that game in the arcades back in the day…principal reason I have a trackball on my arcade computer is for Centipede and Missile Command.

  • I have the Centipede mine looks more like the NES version then yours does. I probably got a later release one then you did though.

  • Still can't get too much into centipede… maybe its because I didn't play it when I was a kid???

  • I was going to say this looks very much like the 7800 version, which I really do like.

  • booooooo on non arcade version

  • I got one only because it is my dream cab but I never play it. It was fun in a short burst.