Centipede Mini Arcade Review (Basic Fun Blister Pack Version) The No Swear Gamer

Today I look at the Blister Pack version of the Centipede Mini Arcade by Bridge Direct Basic Fun

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  • The sound effects are the actual arcade sounds, much better than the other version from Walmart, outside of that, not impressed.

  • BEAT MY RECORD OF 19262!!!!!

  • How can I take the sound from this cabinet and give it to the new Centipede by arcade classics??

  • What kind of technology does this machine use? Is it a type of LCD game like Tiger Electronic stuff.

  • Centipede with no trackball is like playing tennis without a racquet…or playing tennis with a racquet, but in rain.

  • This looks better than atari 2600 pac man, that's the only plus in my opinion.

  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    $20.00?! You can get the full color version for that.