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Citystate is part city-builder, part-political simulator, with more emphasis being placed on the politics side of the game, where you build a new nation from scratch and govern it as you wish.

Whilst building your city is important, the focus of the game is the impact your Governmental policies will have on the residents of various classes and the economy of your city state as a whole.

And I’m totally up-to-date on politics and everything like that, so this will all be fine. FINE.

We start a city, building roads, zoning out generic ‘living’ areas, placing farmland and working resources like iron, gold and oil.

Decisions are then asked of us in the way we should run things and that’s when it gets a bit… tricky. Issues covered are financial services, working hours and prostitution!

Oh, and also there’s a nice flag and lots of beautiful women apparently.


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Citystate is a city-builder and a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch. A simulator made to challenge your political views and your governing skills no matter where you are on the political spectrum.

Every decision has multiple impacts on multiple time scales, your State will progressively change according to your choices and skills. In Citystate there is no rule, no limit, no mandatory first steps, no tech tree, only the most pragmatic but complex economic simulator to experiment with and in complete freedom.

A highly realistic economy:
– Supply and demand mechanisms.
– Balance of trade, resource exploitation, imports/exports.
– Stock market and bonds.
– Social classes, simulated demographics.

A politicized governing system:
– 40 political issues, 160 options to choose from.
– Border control and immigration.
– 25 forms of government, from communist dictatorship to libertarian anarchy.
– Violent riots, slums and urban decay.

Essential city building features:
– Realistic urban growth patterns.
– Land value based dynamics.
– 80+ types of buildings and 4 unlockable Arcologies.

A fully customizable map:
– A map creator at start.
– 6 biomes.
– 4 mineable resources.
– Agriculture.


Graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

Additional audio:
Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  • Mixing the terms and using bad ones. Political simulators should be aware of and use correct terminology.

    □ Monarchy (UK, Sweden) – head of state is hereditary
    □ Republic (US, Singapore) – head of state is elected or appointed

    □ people's (authoritarian communism – china)
    □ democratic people's (totalitarian communism – north korea)
    □ collegial (swiss – collective executive)
    □ parliamentary (canadian, german)
    □ semi-presidential/semi-executive (french, russian)
    □ presidential/executive (american, Syrian, jordanian)
    □ islamic/religious (Iran)

  • kings are annoying they have all the power over you they can violate your rights without nothing happening to them

  • Sometimes I feel bad for British people cuz they don't have guns well they're allowed guns but only in their homes which is some bullshit

  • means you dont care

  • 4:05 that’s going to change due to brexit

  • is there a cheat to give yourself more money on this game? 😀

  • How have i found this … But in short you seem to not know what the third option means … *to be fair no one discusses what facism and marxism are with any truth*… Especially if this game actually uses quotes from Marx…. These are quotes that are old and the language has tine problems

    Social ownership of the means of production can mean state ran or it can mean that the workers own it rather then one person or such..

    your interpreting to each ability to need as dont work you die…*this can mean that if you can work you will and youll get what you need*

  • dude no matter how many oil and gold and iron mines I have im ALWAYS cash negative and its just gets worse and worse. What am I doing wrong?

  • 4:06 The questions are always in order from the first answer being Libertarian Capitalism to the last answer being Communism. And the middle answers being a combination of socialism and capitalism, which is what the vast majority of countries are. When there are 4 answers #2 is typical the USA and #3 is typically Canada.

  • How do you beat the game?

  • is this game available in Google play?

  • heyo just saw this video its the first one I watched of your channel and already subbed

  • I spent 2 months in my class learning bout laissez-faire and he’s like
    What the fuck is that
    Well thanks for all that “useful” knowledge teacher

  • 4:23 "I'm not 100% sure of the difference between a democracy and a welfare state"
    In summary, it's the difference between President Donald Trump & President Bernie Sanders
    Ask the people of Venezuela which they prefer

  • Lassiez-Faire: the belife that government should stay completely away from the economy.

  • WoW NationStates in city building game… I must have this.

  • 23:15 good job bottom right

  • im the new cool citizen

  • I'd live in your country.

  • Lazzers faire means leave it alone

  • Laissez Faire really just means no government agency looking over transactions. ie…regulations and the such

  • Laissez-fare Means hands off. The government has no real power over the economy only to tax and defend the country.

  • Is the flag a cup of tea, or a mama square protecting her young as it peaks out from behind her?

  • The top choice from top looks more right leaning and bottom choice looks more left leaning. So basically top option is radical right. The second option is right. The third option is left and the last one is radically left.

  • Hey penge what do you do for a living just curious ?

  • 24:30 . I like it how the driveways just lead to a pile of water

  • In terms of prostitution – legal to sell and illegal to buy means the John can get arrested, but not the prostitute.
    In some places they consider prostitutes to be exploited. So rather than punishing them for being exploited, you punish the people that are doing the exploiting – i.e. the customers.

  • I admit, I laughed really hard at a credit rating of AAAAHHH

  • Going on your last figures. Your people really like fat chicks! (obesity & beauty correlation)

  • Ignore the labels. Choose the options that are – in your opinion – in the best interests of your citizens.

  • Laissez-faire is basically a private economy without regulation or restrictions.

  • I love your videos

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