Citystate – Politics & City Building – New Pixel City Builder – Citystate Gameplay Part 1

Today we’re becoming Governor of a new city in Citystate! Citystate is a city management and building game that focuses on the politics and resource management of a new founded city. It’s your job to keep everyone happy and not go bankrupt! In this episode we build the foundation of our city and work on getting out of the red. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Citystate, thanks for watching and liking.

About Citystate:

Citystate is a city-builder and a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch. Design your map, your flag, name your State and pass the first policies! Get ready to face an independent economic system, experiment with political orientations and city-planning strategies to make your Nation strive toward success!

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  • I swear to god the industry and commercial zones are fucking useless in this game. They never use them. No matter how many people you have.

  • How to play on Xbox 1?

  • Guns hell yea

  • u want to start with high density first lol aka social housing 😛

  • low density makes you a lot of money but first you need a big low class then lower the tax to pool up a good mid class and so on so forth but you need the density in place for this to tunnel on…its an assembly line that grows and grows..the key is a big rich class to make the big buildings of industry and commercial…but industry is the way to go…and farming lots of farming lol

  • A BA B

    Author Reply

    I can't seem to make money in this game… Every time I add more businesses/industry/mines my unemployment goes to 0% and then they all become abadoned. Can I have some help please

  • I wish there was somebody on YouTube who played this game that knew what the fuck they were doing

  • kay-ness-ians is pronounced KEINSians

  • This game sucks, the mining and refineries don't make enough money. No one wants to open businesses in the commercial or industrial zones. So all you do is build and issue bonds.

  • Y is this looks like my mobile sim city deluxe ?

  • Actually

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to buy it 😂

  • 20:10 you pissed off a lot of environmentalists 😂

  • For some reason this popped up in my feed. Now I want the game and might be getting it.
    If I do, can I steal shitweedia? 🤣

  • Man I like the game but you need to work on your economics, city management and politic skills.
    You want more people but you build low density housing? You want money but you have taxes at 6%? You want to make poor people happy but you taxe them more than high class?

  • You went socialist really fast bro… Probably because you wanted money now…

  • 29:05 you gotta make money to make money

  • You have highways running trough the posh area, iron mines next to agricultural and residential areas??? You should make more hospitals… You have no high density areas for the lower classes and the city workers as well as offices. Its a no go city from the last century rly

  • I still want a more detailed version of SimEarth. Surely today's modern computing can give me a New Zealand that isn't merely two tiles in size

  • …where is 2?

  • 7:10 "nae-naeghboring country"

  • On my last city I made a super huge area of low density residences and businesses and when I made an high density residential zone, some groups of communists went there and started to riot and destroy rich buildings.