Classic Game Room – DEFENDER for PS2 review

Defender PS2 review.
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Classic Game Room reviews the 2002 reworking of DEFENDER for Playstation 2 PS2. Does this remake of the classic arcade DEFENDER live up to the original?? Uh… Well, why exactly was this called Defender? Saving the Human Race from invading waves of aliens is usually a great reason to fly space ships and blow things up. In this complete re-imagined version of Defender players do just that, fly around and blow things up while saving humand from being turned into mutants. Sadly this game lacks the charm of the original and becomed tedious quickly with sloppy controls, a useless HUD (heads up display) and cluttered battles trying to pay homage to the original. Leave the defending to 2D horizontal side scrolling gameplay! While some players may enjoy the frantic challenge that Defender on PS2 provides, fans of the original will quickly shut it off in favor of the 1980 old school classic. This CGR review of Defender on PS2 from Midway has gameplay from Defender on Playstation 2 PS2 showing video game play in HD.


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  • This guy is too hung up on the fact that its obviously part of the "defender" franchise in pretty much name only, I cant really comment on the controls since its been like 15 years since i last touched it but i really liked the little rts elements it had.

  • I didn't even know this game was released for PS2. On the original Xbox, it felt great! I really enjoyed this game. Not sure what's got up this video maker's butt. This game was released when unrelated "3d remakes" were THE thing to do. Using old titles was very common because in the early 2000's, it was a wave of videogames and standing out was difficult. Shame on this video maker for poo-pooing it based on the name instead of reviewing it on its own merits, like you should for every game of the era. Thumbs down.

  • Regardless of what most reviewers may say, I feel this is a fantastic game. I have replayed it so many times using different ships and never really felt the controls were an issue. Maybe its just me but saving people never was an issue and i didn't have difficult killing enemies.

    I know plenty of people will say the game is frustratingly hard but I thought it was pretty easy aside from a few select levels

  • Try Resogun instead. It's the Defender update you're looking for

  • I loved this game!

  • The plot is very dark and interesting

  • Honestly i think your just bad at trying to control it. There was never any issues with the control

  • I loved this game

  • This game was my childhood and it was good

  • anyone that played all three version? xbox, ps2 or ngc, which to play?

  • This game was amazing this guy review is trash

  • You just bad and salty about it

  • I remember this game as a kid and it was good.

  • it's a great game actually..

  • you honestly have reviewed everything….

  • RevanRevan

    Author Reply

    Loved the hell out of this game and you're bashing it because you couldn't handle the way it controlled….

  • Wth are you even talking about? This is one for the funnest games I’ve ever played as a kid. So unique and the mobile defense units aspect of it is amazing. We need to see more rightfully polished sequels to this game

  • This game was great, I'm playing through it again and it holds up. Much better than some others that try very hard to copy it. Like thorium wars, for example

  • There was a ship in the intro of this game that you never played with, I wonder if you could use it with a cheat code or something

  • Took me so long to remember the name of this game, at the time, I didn't think it looked bad at all, it was actually pretty awesome, hell, I didn't even get the chance to beat the damn game

  • WTF thew game had a fun loose feel good soundtrack and was an amazing plot twist with alot of ways to play it and im 15 so if you expect someone that young to like all new games and hate old ones you would be wrong I like games if they have nothing wrong with them you look at it as its not the old one if its fun thats what matters right

  • I really enjoyed this game as a kid. Of course I never played the original

  • The review on this game is not accurate, each ship flies differently, once you learn how to control each ship then the controls are no problem. I love this game and was able to beat it several times, even though it's really tough to do so. I'm also a fan of the original, and I like the Remake better than the original, more options here. The key to beating this game is to figure out which ship is required for each stage, the defender ship won't work for every stage, you will need to utilize every ship at one point or another in the game.


  • I'm afraid I must disagree with you on this. Is Defender an amazing masterpiece? Hell no. Is it awful? No.

    I'll admit that the controls aren't superb, and it definitely could have used a few more months in development, but the footage shown in this video is PATHETIC. You need to get some Nemesis and Ratchet Cannon in your life, and then you need to GET GOOD!

    Also, I grew up with the Gamecube version, which I have realized is probably the worst of the three versions after playing all three (The PS2 version allows you to move your ship left and right by pressing R1 and L1. The Xbox version has that mapped to X and B. The Gamecube version lacks this, as they ran out of buttons.). In addition, the Xbox and Gamecube versions were ported over by some other company, and they both have a few audio bugs. For example, Memory says "Colonist Captured" differently in the GameCube and Xbox versions, and the message you get after destroying the forge in the Argus Canyon mission is different, and the intro to the Ouldavai gorge mission doesn't even make sense in the GC and Xbox versions.

    I've beaten this game on both Gamecube and Xbox.

    Also, there was a book written as a sequel to this game. Get it while you can because it's out of print and no ebook versions are available (unless I convince myself to type out the entire book and distribute it).


  • I recently picked this up at my local retro game store for $5 without knowing anything about it except the familiar title and a cool looking cover art. Despite being nothing like the original Defender, I can confidently say that it was one of the best $5 I ever spent on an old PS2 game. The quirky controls originally caught me by surprise, but I mastered them quickly and enjoyed another space shooter. Don't knock it just because it's titled "Defender" bro…

  • This game was really my shit

  • I remember Bud's Junk….

  • this game is the hardest most fun game i have ever played its unique and it takes a while to master the controls

  • AlexAlex

    Author Reply

    This was a great game. What is he bitching and moaning about? This game clearly is not going to appeal to that boring ass 2-D shooter. This game was entertaining for the time.

  • You've got different control schemes, inversion options etc. The flight mechanics aren't exactly what I'm used to, but It's nothing I can't wrap my head around.

    The missions where you have to build/position support units are probably the best.

  • It was not bad, i like this more than the original.
    6 ship types, defenses for on coming enemies.
    Way more gamplay than the arcade version.

  • TheJTheJ

    Author Reply

    This game was a lot of fun!

  • iv just ordered this on ebay £6 for the gamecub. but after watching your review I want my money back :'( is it realy that bad

  • Beautiful graphics for a PS2 game. It wasn't THAT bad of a game either…..

  • Love this game so much it's my profile pic :3

  • Bad game? This game is and was fantastic. Still love it to this day. such nostalgia

  • You've played 1,001 games like this one, yet you don't say exactly WHAT is wrong with the controls other than, "something is wrong with the control system"??

  • Speak for yourself brother, all I see in this game is good old nostalgia from a too often forgotten era. I loved this game. Wholeheartedly love it and miss it dearly.

  • Yeah I loved this game! I was probably like 9 years old when I got a PS2 for xmas along with this game. Consumed so many hours, and I replayed it several times to the end, so much fun!

  • theis game was the best I don't know what this guy is talking about, it was amazing for a ps2 game