Control Anchor Altered Item how to get to it and how to beat the Anchor boss

Check out our Control Anchor Altered Item how to get to it and how to beat the Anchor boss Walkthrough Part 37 to see how to complete The Enemy Within mission.

This is a fairly tough mission to get to as it requires you to stumble up the guy bleeding out in the Logistics area of containment and completing the Light Switch mission that ensues. Along the way you’ll find out about an Anchor Altered Item that is being contained and once you complete that mission you’ll be given the mission The Enemy Within to head back in to find the Anchor. Retrace your steps or follow along with the video if you don’t know the way, and then you’ll have to beat the Anchor boss to be able to cleanse it. It’s very tricky unless you know how to beat it, which you can also check out in the video.

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  • Literally the best and may as well be ONLY LEGITIMATE guide for this boss fight I have found and I have watched so god damn many. AHHHG this gAME!! Haha thank you

  • Alright. This boss is a fucking disaster. The worst part of the game with flawed as fuck mechanics.

  • Can u fly after u beat the anchor

  • Clothing spoiler!! And I need levitate great, then why give me the option to do the whole mission in the first place?? There should've have been a door with clearance level or something

  • You're all playing a different game then because I get shit by rockets and random dive bombers

  • Don't wear gear that gives away any story hints

  • I stayed right on the platform where you enter and just shoot clocks into it. After shooting the first red clock when it turns towards you, pick up another clock and go close to the edge on the left side when it turns to the left platform and shoot another clock into it. Then, it will send out the enemies and focus on them and shoot them down. After they've all gone, you will have a little time to shoot clocks into it again regardless of if it is facing you, left or right platforms (go close to the edge to get the clock into it, when it turns either to the left or right platform).

  • I'm so fucking tired of this piece of shit game. This boss has me throwing my fucking controller thru the TV dude. And I watch you do it no problem like why aren't you getting cut down mid flight every single time I jump I'm hit by some flying little shit with light speed and killer accuracy like I can't just Lolly gagg around the thing in a circle this video made me even more pissed off how did you do this so easy??!!?!!

  • getting tired of these half assed control guides… leaves out a very important fact…. YOU NEED LEVITATE…

  • This game is so waaaack…..gotta look up videos to do every single mission cuz they didnt evn put a guide, guiding you where to go. just marks the area yellow…….place is like a maze ffs…..

  • "to get this item you're not sure how to get to, you need levitate. Come back later."

    See how much easier that was than telling us to do two missions we've clearly already done and telling us about a boss fight for 7 minutes?

  • Don't know why you couldn't just start AT the control point and instead wasted more than a minute.

  • Or you can go down to the bottom ledge between the ledge at 8 and 12 o’clock the anchor and hiss can’t attack you there but you can attack both.

  • Your Instagram isn't working just letting you know that.

  • I don't know which weapons in the video game control.? What is best to use against a boss the clock.? Just wondering.

  • you can actually get to the anchor without levitate. you need to bring one of the large briefcases back from the small corridor (where Faden says "Great, more clocks…") and place it on top of that blue "loot box" on the floor that's on the left on your side of the abyss. Climb on top and you should be able to Dash across (spam the button) and fight the boss earlier than intended. That being said, this fight was designed with Levitate in mind so without it, it becomes slightly harder but possible.

    There is a spot (a lower ledge) in the far right corner across from where you first enter the arena, once there you just use Grip or Pierce to kill the enemies (plenty of time to do it since they will slowly float towards you) and use Launch to damage the boss (since you are in a corner, you get an angle on him twice as often as if you were doing this fight normally).

    That's it. It's been a while since i was able to cheese a single player game, most games nowadays are pretty restricted and put all sort of barriers that prevent you from "breaking it" so i'm glad this game offers freedom on that regard.

  • Thanks so much for the video. I was on my 10th try but I was just using Pierce. Those clocks take off a nice chunk of the anchor's health, so I'll do it the way you demonstrated

  • BluDBluD

    Author Reply

    This game just feels so backwards. Like why even tell me to do the mission game if I'm physically unable to do it.

  • Don't have levitate, that's one thing but come on, dude! The attire is something I also haven't unlocked and gives me a big feeling on a potential spoiler. Not well made.

  • After many failed attempts, this method worked! thanks!!

  • the case is i dont have levitate XD

  • didn't realise any old clock would do the trick… I've been stuck for ages

  • wait, so i'm not meant to go there before getting levitate ? Good to know

  • The telekinetic user keeps sniping me. Seems like he never even spawned in your game lul.

  • Worked a charm. Thank you.

  • I was getting attacked a lot more than you were