Defender (Playstation 2) – Part 1

It isn’t just your classic arcade game anymore. Defender’s pretty fun gameplay-wise, despite having a kinda cliche cut-and-paste plot. You’d think there’d be other pilots flying around rather than Kyoto being the only air support.

It’s probably going to be a while before I post the second half of this game. On Elite the Mars missions are a new level of difficult and I probably should’ve saved my credits for the Defiance to give it the damage output it needs.

6:20 – Triton: Durga Canyon
9:20 – Triton: Romulus Flats
15:50 – Mars: Cydonia Base
23:20 – Prometheus: Lake Thanatos
35:13 – Prometheus: Lieras Dunes
39:30 – Rhea: Olduvai Gorge
49:44 – Titan: Aeneas River
59:45 – Titan: Argus Caverns
1:11:12 – Europa: Legba Basin
1:18:38 – Europa: Straits of Imislund
1:30:32 – Phobos: Orbit of Europa


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  • Yep, this is NOT your father or Grandfather's Defender thats for sure

  • Você joga ruim demais

  • o jogo é sensacional mais voçÊ é muito noob

  • This looks remarkably like Star Wars Starfighter or Rogue Squadron.

  • Where’s part 2?

  • play defender 2002 on sony playstation 2

  • Painful to watch you buy the laser harpoon for defender when the defiance has it equipped stock and is a direct upgrade to the defender and can be upgraded to laser lance.

  • NOSTALGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • defender é unm dos melhores jogos do ps2; era bom se tivece o defender 2, foi um grande jogo que pena que n fez sucesso e por aqui onde moro vende muito jogo de ps2 mais n vende o defender:(

  • "Have you ever steered remote with a 4 second delay" No Reese… I haven't.

  • And defender has always been my favorite ship, the lazer one coming in second (forgot name)

  • I love and miss the shit out of this game
    It was so freaking good, and so much fun

  • The only reason why i watched this is just because the nostalgia of when i was at lower primary school. My dad bought a PS2 and this game for himself back when i was a toddler. I love this.