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“Your child can help Anna, Elsa and Olaf deliver beautiful ice sculptures in this fun learning game for kids!

Children begin by choosing an ice sculpture to create. If they choose a swan, for example, they’ll unleash Elsa’s ice powers to write the letter ‘S’ in the sky, and then transform it into a sparkling swan sculpture. This gives them practice with handwriting and reinforces phonics skills.

Children can then adorn their sculpture with flowers by joining Olaf in a spelling mini-game. Children are asked to build smaller words such as “all” and “now” from the letters in a bigger story-based word, such as “snowball.” Flowers grow to reward each word they find. Once they’ve gathered enough flowers, children can help Olaf arrange the words on each bouquet into sentences, then use the bouquets to decorate their ice sculpture.

It’s up to Anna, Olaf and Kristoff to deliver the finished sculptures, and children can get a little extra fine-motor-skill practice as they draw a path for Kristoff’s sled with their LeapPad stylus. Then they’re off for fast-paced fun as they tilt and turn their LeapPad to steer the sled away from hazards and toward glistening snowflakes that keep the sculptures from melting.

The Disney Frozen learning game works with all LeapPad™2, tablets and above.

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  • Anyone able to get the reward store micromods working for this game?