Dungeon Mayhem (& Monster Madness) Review

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Mayhem review – all 3 sets, including the new Monster Madness box!
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  • … lost me at Munchkin, but great review! I think I’ll pick this up to play with my 5 year-old.

  • I play this with my young cousins as an introduction to playing DnD. Now they play this while I prepare the table for a campaign. Such a great card game!

  • Wait so you don't need the basic game you just need monster maddnes? Reeee

  • I have been playing Dungeon Mayhem since its release and love the game and the expansions are great

  • I was wondering if the box is usable if you sleeve your cards?

  • Me and my friends have been having a total blast playing the base game initially, then adding the first expansion for more players and variety. I can already imagine up to 12 player free for all mayhem and team based tactical skirmishes with Monster Madness. Can't wait to try it out :)))

  • … a prom queen beholder…

  • When the expansion is bigger than the original game itself.

  • I'm getting it for my birthday

  • We've been playing Dungeon Mayhem and Age of War on lunch breaks at work and they are perfect for scratching that gaming itch at work! Great video!

  • I like the illustrations on the original product, and I think the character design and idea of playing as monsters is an interesting idea in the new content. It is unfortunate that it is all used for an extremely light and repetitive game that seems to offer no interesting choices.

  • Please do 'sellswords and spellslingers' next

  • I'm mad disappointed about the monsters, how are u going have such overpowered stuff.

  • "Go for the eyes, boo, Go for the eyes!"

  • Did you say Dex save or Deck save 😀

  • If you don't want to review Wizards stuff, tell them to send it to me I'll do it.

  • Thanks for the review, decided this could be a thing for me, gonna pick up the base set at my LGS and reserve the rest 🙂

  • We like to play this while waiting for all of our D&D people to arrive. It will be nice to have one big box for everything.

  • Are you sure the little tuck box isn’t so you can put two decks in there and put it in your pocket so you can play on the go?

  • I agree with the sentiment that it's not something I want to play for more than 2-3 games. Good filler game though, I usually play it while we wait for other friends to arrive for our big game on game days.

  • 6:25 Miniature Giant Space Hamster, don't insult Boo like that!

  • Tom DTom D

    Author Reply

    Nice review. I’m probably going to get the monsters mayhem set myself. I don’t recall you saying this (I may have missed it) but in case you didn’t… This new monster box also expands the rules for up to 6 Players.

    “Go for the eyes, Boo”

  • My family LOVES Dungeon Mayhem.

  • I'm glad to see this. I've been waiting to see more on monster mayhem but not much on youtube for now.

  • Did you just say that you made your DEX save on that one? Decks save. Good job!

  • Thanks for the video Nate, we tend to play after our d&d games, nice, easy and rules light.

  • PeterPeter

    Author Reply

    I enjoy Dungeon Mayhem. I love having a game that is quick to teach and play. I was already looking forward to this expansion, but now that I know it will hold all of the cards, and in such a nice way, it is a must.

    Thank you for the review.

  • Does the new box fit sleeved cards?

  • Sorry, love your channel but nope on the card games. Looking forward to next week video!!!

  • 📝

  • Ben BBen B

    Author Reply

    Am I the only one who got the "Dex save" joke?

  • I fucking love this game

  • Deck save

  • Need too tell a friend about it. I didn't think beholders can be female. Cool!!!

  • I really like the game and will be picking up the newest set when it's out.

    What we use it for is a filler game for when 2 other games are going and people get eliminated or more people show up so everyone always has a game to play and are not sitting with nothing to do.