Esports: Inside the relentless training of professional gaming stars

Professional, competitive video game playing—the phenomenon known as esports—has seen double digit growth for much of the past decade. With a massive following, many say it will soon become an official Olympic event. Throughout the U.S., high schools are launching competitive gaming clubs, and even some colleges are offering scholarships to top players.

It’s a dream come true for professional esports players—traveling the world and paid salaries to play video games full time for a living.

But as money continues to pour into the industry, the pressure on these young pros—many still in their teens—is leading to early burnout from high stress, repetitive stress injuries, and grueling practice schedules.

In this episode of CBSN Originals, we follow pro esports players Doublelift (League of Legends) and Space (Overwatch) as they compete for glory, get an inside look at what it takes to be pro, and explore the risks many are taking to stay at the top.

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  • Waiting for yugi-yo real ife cards and monsters !!! 2080 maybe?


  • Well Bing Bing practice 40 hours a day lol

  • “Expected to go over 50% of that in 2020…”

    2020 – “hold my corona.”

  • This eSports infrastructure is nowhere near the level of Korea. How's NA supposed to compete with the rest of the world 🤔

  • Are ya winning son

  • Nothing new. These guys don't know Football Academies in Europe? Kids really young, live together, play together, most fail because of injuries, burnout, etc. Most end up with nothing. Only few become Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonel Messi. This is the same but with computers.

  • Bruh this pro players play 8 hours and I play 13 hours a day

  • If I only have a parents like this and a school like this

  • 1:39 did i hear him right? He plays 67hours a day?

  • Such a good documentary

  • Indy needs to do some exercise…lower back pain and arm pain is all stretching and core/back/neck strength

  • Deal with the problems now. Take care of the players. A union needs to be formed.

  • Because it's described as "SPORT" aside from them doing for what they have to do, they have to understand the mindset of "SPORT" is very different from gaming, and needed a lot of mentality to go on. Easy comparing, any one can swim but not any one can go into competition as swimmer. You have to practice hours and hours in order to compete in the sport. You have to respect any kind of person who attend in sport competition, same as E-Sport. If you do not have a "passion", "patience", "sportsmanship", and "stable mentality", you could not walk in any sport in any paths.

  • “I'm not just playing games for fun anymore” feels like loss of true purpose of gaming.

  • i stopped gaming when i was 16 years old. i was fine at first but i started to have withdrawal systems. I felt giddy at times and even un-content with myself. Felt like i was wasting, had difficulty staying awake even when i slept a full 7-9 hours of sleep. So i turned to drugs, thanks to drugs i am no longer addicted gaming. Thank you drugs for turning my life around

  • Nice 🙏

  • playing videos games for money is dumb and whoever invest in this are ridiculous

  • this is stupid

  • Dude sounds gay

  • Useless generation

  • Al VAl V

    Author Reply

    too long? 8 hours ? this is nothing !

  • kids selling their souls to a virtual world

  • U gotta use an iPad

  • Won a fortnite tournament and got a scholarship, i topped my school for consecutive 6 years, got nothing.

  • These people play because they want to be the best, not because it is fun for them. They just crave the competition like any sport boomer ok

  • Pro Player: " I play games Too Long "
    Reporter: How Long?
    Pro Player: "8 Hours"
    Me an intellectual Watching youtube for 16 hours staright

  • The host looks like a cross between Jackson Marchetti from Sex Education and Franklin from GTA V.

  • It’s not training it’s playing video games. Don’t call it sports. It’s awkward people doing nerd stuff. That’s just how it is