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Facebook Messenger Computer Virus

The scams keep coming! And this time, I almost got caught. The Facebook Chat Virus or, Facebook Messenger Computer Virus, is where a friend’s account sends you what looks like an innocent and fun link, yet when you click on this, you are in the crosshairs of an evil trojan ready to be loaded to your computer. It tells you that you need to update your video codec and that installation is quick and easy – but don’t do it! It’s malware that will mess your computer up in no time. First – stop and don’t download anything. Next, tell your friend that their account has been hacked and that they need to do a security check on their facebook account. The infected user’s Facebook account is then compromised and used to send more malware to the user’s friends, and the vicious circle continues.

Help stop the cycle of malware being spread by facebook and share this video.

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  • my mom just got this and she’s freaking out and so am I-

  • Hello i made the same mistake by clicking on the link from my android phone today, the moment i saw the fake youtube page, i immediately went back, is my account hacked now? I didn't download or install anything from that link. I just clicked on it and went back.

  • Help me i cant uninstall it,It's running virus app in my Windows 🙁

  • I got a problem with my facebook, my case was a little similar to yours, but it was a post, I clicked it and it asked for download when I opened it, my computer requested for restart, I restarted it and to my surprise, the file that I clicked was sent to all my friends, I tried to fix it with an anti-virus, and fixed it, and the day after it was sent again I scanned and there was no threats detected, I deactivated my account for safety, what do I do to fix it?

  • Thank you so much…

  • how to remove the virus at message

  • I laughed, I cried… I also put some instructions regarding "WHAT TO DO NOW" in my post at https://wordpress.com/page/glennkukkee.com/70. Thanks for the help – I liked your video and linked to it in my article.

  • I had revive three videos that says:
    This video is yourVinko
    And they had smiley face but I couldn't open it

  • Haha got that in my phone and it has been sent throughout the whole town and when u click out of it it locks you out of Facebook

  • Can it take you to facebook instead of a fake youtube page?

  • EltonElton

    Author Reply

    Just got a supposed youtube video link sent to me in messenger, luckily my phone blocked the site saying it was potentially malicious.

  • i had a massage like that i clicked on the link (the link said it was from Youtube) but it took me to e diverent site and it told me to click on another link to watch the video and i also noticed that it was not on Youtube so i clicked the browser away i'm doing a virus scan now or is you computer only in danger if you click on the download link?

  • old Man you no need windows try and learn linux be free of those scums 😀

  • Hot local moms in my area don't want to meet up?? darn

  • that same thing happened to me right now i need help

  • Problem is there is no solutions online for iPhone users who clicked the link. Going through the comments I can’t find any here either.

    Please help by commenting suggestions!

  • My sister was victim of this, she clicked a link from her friend, which spread the same link to her friends, and when her friends clicks it it will spread again

  • Omg! It is November 2017 and I fell for this. I need help I can't access my account, Everytime I open it, it says your account is unavailable. Please help!

  • As soon as i clicked vid seconds later boom another one

  • someone on my friend's list recently got hacked and people keep saying to net even open the message. but im pretty sure that its fine to open as long as they dont click the link, right??

  • omg thats what happen to me!

  • I also opened it from galaxy a3. And launched the video. :/ Then my phone started to open multiple sites. It also said to download a new version of android to be able to view it. I didnt manage to close the window so i closed the browser. And checked my phone not finding anything suspicious. Any ideas?

  • Oh look, the message is in German xD


  • The same thing happens except it said me when I click it said spin

  • Help please i try to shutdown and restart my pc but i can't delete the virus please

  • how to remove this virus?

  • thank u men god blees u, i hate those fockers

  • how fix it???

  • I fixed it at my end by Signing in on Google Chrome on my iPad where a checkbox saying I ran anti virus and it's gone

  • please help me

  • how to remove that virus

  • help i need help pls help i clicked it