Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da Rules FULL GAME 100% Longplay (PS2, Gamecube, XBOX)

Fairly OddParents! Breakin’ Da Rules 100% Walkthrough FULL GAME Movie Longplay (PS2, Gamecube, XBOX)

You can watch it in shorter parts here:


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  • i swear, the late 90s to mid 2000's was the golden age of 3d platformers

  • Big old tub of nostalgia

  • if this gets remastered sometimes i would be so happy becauss i love Fairly Odd Parents show. i still do 😍😍😍

  • Hell yeah ❤️ childhood nostalgia baby

  • I played this back in 2003 it was great memories even the part when my little brother saw me running from Vicky scared the shit out of him

  • Llol i remember my brother playing this game and I was so young i had no idae what the story was about when i was a kid NOW I DO

  • The dialog in the ps2 version is a little slow.

  • I only had the gba version with the spongebob bfbb. But I also had bfbb on the ps2

  • Ahh good times. Back when this is one of the hardest games I played. Good times. Hahaha

  • Poof cosma bah bah bah do duh di do ba shoe big boy and a boy in the world of snow and snow in the snow and snow snow and the snow was snow out the night before the storm was gone by the end of the day when the rain was gone down and snow and a little snow in snow and snow in a silence on a beach

  • Season 6

  • Damn… can’t be kids forever huh

  • I remember this game soo well . It brings me back I miss those days 😭

  • I remember wanting this game badly as a kid. I swear i loved this game so much. Some levels were annoying but overall it was great.

  • Thanks for not having theses videos only for kids.

  • I've gOt FiVe sTaRs, i cAn mAkE a WiSh
    that sound is still in my head these days..

  • Imagine being trash at an E rated game lmaoooo good thing I could skip around and at least it was nice to see the nostalgic cutscenes

  • Joshua Bernal

  • I remember when I first played this game and when Jorgan yelled silence, the controller rumbled, it scared the shit out of me. Good times. 2003 was a great year

  • Timmy Turner surprised 😯 it was just a dream

  • Poof cosma what’s that creepy noise

  • Poof cosma 🤫 We have to be very quiet and try not to wake the alien up

  • Poof cosma I’ll plead we didn’t mean to break da rules 😐

  • Poof cosma then we won’t have enough power to grant wishes anymore

  • Poof cosma I’m betting this is really bad news

  • Poof cosma that’s a bad thing

  • Poof cosma it’s sunny that means we can watch cartoons and outdoor activities like gardening and bird watching

  • Poof cosma he doesn’t have different heads than we do

  • The fairly odd parents breakin da rules by butch Hartman illustrated by Aniyah rice music by guy moon

  • This hurts so bad! I used to love playing this game on Saturday mornings 😭😭😭 they need to bring this to iPhone!

  • 3:36:05 that awkward moment when you blow up your teachers fucking van

  • I just unlocked a forgotten memory from my childhood before this, the nostalgia is so real😢


  • Why am I hurting myself this way at 1am 😢 oh man memories. I’m 26 now and I remember playing this game on the weekends around sunset while my mom was cooking 🌅😔 dam good memories

  • I’d love to see this remastered. One of my favorite games of my childhood along with battle for bikini bottom.

  • It's 3:03 a.m. and I suddenly remembered this particular game I played as a kid.
    It's been more than 15 years now and I'm about to cry because of nostalgia. Damn it hurts bro.

  • So can put full game Disney universe

  • If THQ Nordic remasters this game; they need to fix the characters audios.

  • Always keep your books nearby.

  • Hi how are you doing today?

  • So It’s the Fairly OddParents Shadow Showdown Full Game fixed?

  • What happened to the Fairly OddParents Shadow Showdown Full Game?
    Did I do something wrong?

  • When all of the characters talk, sounds like they’re talking in a glass jar.

  • 1:01:07 Loop this Scene for Three hours and 0.5 Sp

  • This game's a classic.

  • Bad luck 101 was a hard level for me, because I was scared that I will get caught by Mr Crocker

  • Let me know the Fairly OddParents Shadow Showdown Full Game is here
    Please and Thank You

  • Thank You 🙏
    So Can put Full Game of The Fairly OddParents Shadow Showdown?

  • Ben 10 Omniverse Final Clash Pc

  • Does Cosmo ever use his brain