Fun Farm S2 Ep#2 Beans – فان فارم (٢) الحلقة ٢ الفاصوليا

Fun Farm is an entertaining educational program that aims to educate children in a fun and enjoyable way.
Main host Joëlle lives in a farm with her friends Billy, Fany, Trixy, Layale and their animal friends.
Joëlle leads the show and presents different segments. Each segment introduces an activity, Fany prepares the best food and has always some healthy tips to provide, while Billy takes us on a farm tour to describe the different aspects of farm life. Moreover, Trixy is the artist, she presents every time a craft that interests children and develops their sense of creativity. And finally cool Layale who never seems to be short of stories.
Fun Farm also teaches kids how to act safe in a car and on the road.
Children can also participate in Fun Farm by sending their own art creations and talent home videos.
All that in a musical atmosphere with the participation of our favorite characters.
انتظرونا! Stay tuned! A bientôt!


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