Furious Eagle Family Simulator (by Tap 2 Sim) Android Gameplay [HD]

Furious Eagle Family Simulator Game is based on life of wild eagle in forest with RPG eagle survival. In this wild simulator you have to be a wild eagle or sea eagle with our eagle survival simulator. Find mate, start breeding and have beautiful baby eaglet.

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Within Furious Eagle Family Simulator Gameplay hunt in shape of clan with the help of mate in Furious Eagle Family Simulator. Fight against other animals life own, frog, snake, crab and many more wild animals in animal family sim games. Make your wild eagle to become the strongest jungle eagle ever. This falcon wildlife simulator aka eagle family simulator is fully action packed RPG quest based eagle game. In wild eagle family survival hunt, explore massive open world jungle life, fight other animals and save your nest from other predators in eagle games.

Furious Eagle Family Simulator has animal family games feature, hunt small animals as prey to gain energy and health. Find mate and raise your falcon family in eagle family sim 3D. You need to maintain your health, hunger and thirst if you are going to survive on a wild jungle adventure. Play as clan of wild eagle and start your own flock of eagles, raise baby birds, start hunting and battle for your life against forest predators like wolf, leopard and bear. Start hunting for of goat and snake for your hunger and bring food for your mate and babies in Furious Eagle Family Simulator games.

The clan of different birds and wild animals will attack on your nest & eggs so beware and ready for deadly fighting in wilderness of savanna jungle with Furious Eagle Family Simulator. Realistic eagle flying which is unseen in other Eagle fighting games and become a furious bald eagle. Ultimate fighting against other wild birds for saving of your nest and eagle family. Use your razor sharp talons for hunting as ferocious hunter in eagle sim 3d. Strive to survive in the wilderness of massive open world jungle. Interesting wildlife survival missions in wild adventure with animal family games. Be ready to fight for survival in eagle family simulator 3D.

Furious Eagle Family Simulator Game Features:
– Super lush green environment & 3D wildlife graphics in eagle bird simulator.
– Realistic eagle life simulation, raise family, fight for baby eaglet & mate.
– Start hunting for survival & fight with vicious predators like owl, snake, frog, turtle, wolf, lion & many more.
– Fight in shape of clan of bald wild eagle with the help of mate.
– More hunting & eating will improve your health bar.
– RPG style gameplay in wild animal simulator about eagle family.
– Realistic wilder environments & forest animals to fight in eagle fighting games.

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