GAME FACE TUTORIAL – How To Get Your Face In Game! (EASports)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL MY AMERICAN SUBSCRIBERS 😀 This is my first ever tutorial so support would be kind as well. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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  • Punk

  • Please do it from fifa 20

  • Used to work on ps3 ps4 no way too bad

  • I wish they would add this feature in fifa 19 or hopefully for fifa 20

  • Will it work for Android FIFA fame

  • Will it work on X-Box?

  • I created players and deleted them everything was working fine but today I tried to do so I'm just not able to save the player when I press space it comes are u sure u want exit and the player is just not saved please help me please

  • Game face still works in 2018? I tried chrome, Firefox and nothing. I’m stuck in the generating face and stuck there..

  • I CAN'T sign in the ea account I out everything correct

  • can help me plz, ea have done something with gameface and its not working

  • I'm gonna put Ronaldinho back in the game but playing for an old club

  • DrakpDrakp

    Author Reply

    How you got it so cool? Its look so poor for me!

  • yes plz

  • mine is skipping the skin tone. why?

  • dude how do you get his complexion change.

  • Yes it will be nice with a new version of the video

  • how do I fix it

  • when I click on it . It says lower than 480*480 but its not

  • I'm having a problem with the last part, it dosen't generate so I can't start the face thing 🙁

  • tomtom

    Author Reply

    It keeps saying close chrome when chrome isn't even open

  • just dont understand why a company as EA cant make this process easier

  • When i go to install the game face plugin, says close google chrome and i dont even have it installed?

  • who to make avatar help pls

  • Hello! It's been almost 2 years since this video was uploaded and I can see lots of people have questions. Do you want me to make an updated version of this? I can try to explain things more in depth there, but really, I'm just as confused as you guys. They haven't done much to fix things since this was uploaded but if you want an updated version let me know!

  • Im going to try!!! thanks +TrayALLDay

  • Somebody help. I get up to the part where you click "Generate My Game
    Face" but the hole bar is grey and unclickable, why is this… and how
    do I fix it so I can click it, somebody please help ASAP, thank you

  • Hey I tried to install the new version of game face and I did but it keeps asking me to install it what do I do

  • Can you do it as a pro ??

  • JP NJP N

    Author Reply

    do you login with a ea account or a microsft account? cuz i cant login with my microsft account i can only login with a ea account

  • I think get game face into a game like a win lotery ::D

  • will it work without sign in origin

  • When i try to put a photo with a face i need to install a plugin,when i open the install, it says that i need to close my google chrome , and mozila firefox, i closed mozila , pressed retry, it disappeared , but when i close chrome and press retry , stays the same , Please close the following application : Google Chrome… PLease help

  • the photo is not generating at all.
    what to do??

  • Wont Work