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Game Room On A Budget | Game Room Tour 2020 Edition | The Retrollectors | With 2019 behind us why not ring in the New Year with an Game Room Tour. Making a Game Room On A Budget is no easy task, storage, accessories and games all need their own place that are easily accessible. Games in my collection range from Atari 2600 to the Xbox One and PS4.


P A T R E O N:
M E R C H:

Time Stamps:
00:46 – eBay Section
01:21 – Comics
01:57 – Beatles Section
02:14 – Movies & Music
04:21 – Video Games
12:41 – Desk & Editing Station
13:25 – Camera
14:46 – Console Collection

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  • Great room tour mate, really like your setup!
    Huge Superman fan myself. I have thousands of comic books just hidden away in boxes! Wish I had a nice way to store them!
    Love that Retrollectors special edition!

  • How come you never got a Neo Geo aes???

  • As a Portuguese citizen, i have the obligation to do the following: PORTUGAL CARALHO!!!

  • If you run a strip of door jamb behind your games itll make them all even and you wont have to leave gaps where the supports for the shelves are! 🙂

  • Loved the room tour! I like how you collect what you like. That’s where I’m at with my small collection right now.

  • why u do not have the holy grail of video games huh the Neo geo aES????/

  • I love the dual tv setup and how each brand has their own nook! Really good idea, and I’d love to do something similar in the future! Thanks for sharing 😁

  • Beautiful room, congratulations! I have one of those exact same switch boxes that you have next to your flat screen. It's always nice to see a Portuguese national team scarf, no matter where! Fellow countryman, or just a football fan? I'm from the Azores Islands, but still Portuguese nonetheless. 😉

  • Excellent room tour mate.

    Thanks for sharing 👍

  • "I like it alot"

  • I assume you are very meticulous when it comes to organising things. That room is epic

  • What happened to Dan? It seems like forever since hes been in an episode.
    Cool room.playa, looks super cozy.

  • Awesome game room tour Mike!

  • Probably one of the neatest/cleanest rooms I’ve seen
    The lights make the collection pop

  • Set up looks good. Will probably steal a couple ideas when I finally get to build my new game room.

  • Great tour as always Mike!

  • Nice setup. It's always nice when everything is on display. All of my games and systems has been in boxes for the last 10 yrs over 3 houses. I was going through the boxes yesterday and reminiscing.