GAME ROOM Tips, Setup & Storage – On the CHEAP!

Are you planning on building a Game Room? Are you looking for suggestions on storage and setup? Metal Jesus walks you through the solutions he has discovered including bookshelves, entertainment centers, storage bins, dust covers and even sexy colored LED lighting!

This video is in response to the TONS of questions I get about this topic every single week. Hopefully it gives people some new ideas about their game rooms!


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Kick-ass background music courtesy of Ethan Meixsell – Guitar shredder extraordinaire!


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  • Could anyone link the entertainment centers?

  • You see myself games room clean games look like my YouTube channel

  • Nah… that room hurts my soul, I would be so unhappy gaming there. To each their own.

  • broseph those shelves are about to full on buckle lol you got those puppies STUFFED damn

  • Looking to buy some shelves on amazon any suggestions

  • You need new tv bro

  • Metal jesus Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is not meant to be offensive, but I just laughed at how you explain about storing, shelves to use light etc., while on the same time, everything looks messy, the light strip hangs around and simply blinks but doesn't do what proper lighting should do, cables are a mess etc.
    As said, no offense, but this game room is a mess.

  • The plastic bin and dust cover wouldn't work with modern consoles since they need space for ventilation and don't want them to over heat has anyone tried that or does it work with modern consoles? 🤔

  • I wish I didn’t have OCD while collecting video games it’s blood hard work

  • Wing Commander collection ON POINT!! I only ever played it on console but what a series hey

  • If only i wasn't a college student, then i wouldn't be broke every to achieve this dream.

  • The less you spend on food, clothes and supplies the more I can use on video games

  • The plastic drawers/bins for the carts are a fantastic idea! I've been wondering about good ways to store those without having specific carrying cases to fit them all. I've used plastic bins/totes to store carts before, but never thought to use drawers for quick access 😀 Very nice

  • Why Ikea? Those things are trash!

  • Great tips love the channel! Working on my first game room so excited for this project

  • Wanna thank you for the inspiration MJR. Been a watcher for a year or two and I’m at 8 consoles and 200 games now. You’re awesome bro!!

  • My mom thought I was atheist so I had to show her this video

  • most of my handheld games are organized by category inside kitchen tupperware

  • Nice shirt

  • nice but that room has to much ocd for me lol

  • IKEA cheap… hahaha that is a joke…here where I live home Depot is more cheaper than Ikea….

  • i spend 200 Euros today only for storage. But i think i need more in the future. Ikea are the best but i prefer one color. TV Rack its the same to me i have a big crt tv and an old TV Rack for it.

  • Don't you think stacking ps3 games and the like will damage the case?

  • Dude you have my wish 😦😢
    But aniway
    Is so great

  • Why is your name metal Jesus?

  • I would love if you shared how u orginize the games. As in if they are a-z, and if so what do u do when u buy a new game and it doesnt fit in that shelf.
    Do you move 1 game over to the next shelf and so on just to add that one game or?

  • And look for good deals best places to go buy your games etc.

  • Son of a bitch

  • Fuck you you think you jesus huh???

  • I like all my book shelves being black or espresso

  • Is it me or is his Playstation 1 shelves warping? 😛

  • Couldn’t deal with the different color shelves. I would prefer to spend a little more for a cleaner looking set up.

  • Dusting your room has gotta be hell good thing your metal jesus