In this video, I try to make sense of all that is happening in this game. What is the plot, what things can we draw a pattern, what caused and still causes tragedy to occur, all that and much more on this game theory on video game “Visage”

Visage is a Psychological Horror game still in development by SadSquare Studio. This Horror Masterpiece is the spiritual sucessor of games such as Silent Hill and PT, truly worthy of our praise.
Since Visage is in early access, you can get it now on steam, and play all the released content, with more to be added on the future, the link will be down below.

Get Visage:

Link to my Let’s Play series of the game:

Link to my best moments of my Let’s Play series:


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  • This was great! The visual aids for your points and the level of detail you go into is compelling.

  • Wow I am so happy, I haven't upload in a while and this video didn't have that many views, but now so manny people have seen it and with such positive feedback. Thank you so much guys, you have made my year 😊

  • demons all ways manicipalit children because the are inccont and esay to manipulate

  • Nice man 👍 thanks

  • Loved the video
    +1 sub

  • I'm not sure what exactly I think of the manifestations but I at first suspected we were the guy in the intro and this was purgatory, this was us crossing over and seeing how things happened.

    The guy in the intro blows his head off. "You" start off in a room completely detached from the house, it looks like a morgue or a hospital, somewhere sterile. You're staggering as if you've suffered a CNS injury and you're haemorraging blood. At the door, there are scratch marks keeping count of something, probably victims. But as soon as you cross into the house, no staggering, no blood. It's as if you have now crossed over.

    Part of that theory is now debunked however because Rakan – the next chapter protagonist – has been confirmed to be the guy with the gun. The comic says Rakan moves in in 1970 (I think) and it's 1985 right now. But I'll be interested to see what all of this means.