Guild Wars 2: Easiest Heart of Thorns Mastery Points to Get & Easy Gold Adventures

GSmaniamsmart gives a guide on the easiest HoT masteries to get in Guild Wars 2, and some GW2 easy adventures to get gold medals in.
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Here are the fastest, quickest, and easiest Heart of Thorns masteries to get in Guild Wars 2 in case you’re low on HoT mastery points. These include adventures, mastery insights, and strongboxes which are all quick and easy mastery points to help you boost your Guild Wars 2 mastery points up. Hope you enjoy the guide, and feel free to leave any further questions or suggestions down below.

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  • FFX Music in the background.. wonderful

  • I don't think most players have any trouble getting the easiest HoT mastery points, we need help getting the last 10 to 20 mastery points, so we can complete all HoT mastery tracks, which will allow us to purchase the Gift of Itzel, Gift of Nuhoch, and Gift of Exalted. I'm stuck getting my last 20 mastery points, and so far I think I have only been able to get one "Silver" award in any HoT map adventure. Obviously, I'll have to try them again (and again, and again, and again), but what are some other "Easy" ways to get mastery points for HoT. I know I will never get gold at the Shooting Gallery! ;-(

  • So I came to know mastery point guides to this video. And it redirects me to other youtube videos for guide. Seems legit.

  • Veri iizi!

  • Schtrongbox xD

  • You know, after playing a lot of GW2/FFX around the same time, I can't tell if the music at the start is from GW2 or FFX…

  • easy? it isn't easy when you disable and your hands doesn't work as others. people never think about that. Disable people play games too.

  • I'm simply overwhelmed by the content at 80. Finally hit cap 2 days ago with me first char. I don't see how ppl quit at capping.

  • can you up the quality of vids to 4k

  • Thanks, I really appreciate this guide.

  • more letsplayer record with fucking asura

  • Floor is Lava is NOT easy O_o

  • Wow your the first mention this extra masterpoints i had no Idea big Hug for lettin me know !

  • Coming fresh from the core game I find it more difficult to get that xp since there are no hearts.

  • Thanks, now I'm not so confused. Guild wars makes everything so damn confusing!

  • Thank you very much!! Very good info. This will help immensly. I've been struggling to find enough Mastery Points. Thank you again.

  • Great overview in this video. I am stuck at 75 and didn't know about the
    adventures and strongboxes in particular. This will really get me over
    the hump. Thanks!

  • Itzel Poison lore is so underrated. It comes in handy more than I expected.

  • What about fractals?…..maguuma Mastery points there to? If do when do you get them? I'm crafting HMS and I gave to max out all the HoT zones to get the gifts. That means a lot of MP.

  • hopefully, i useful gw2 video!

  • Question from newb, should i only focus on 1 mastery(e.g gliding)? And should i do hot masteries before tyria masteries? Anyway good video bro.