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This 90s Goosebumps Toy called Haunted Headstone is made by Tiger Electronics in 1996. It was a bit of a confusing game, maybe i needed the instructions for this 90s goosebumps handheld electronic Toy.

Did you have any Goosebumps Retro Toys in the 90s? Which Goosebumps Toys did you have?

This Retro Toy review was taken from Episode 4 The Halloween special episode of The Odd Pod Show.

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  • Hi me slappy happy you review my toys

  • I had a lot of goosebumps merch, I remember just the skull head that played music when you pressed buttons on its eye and like a mannequin on a pole but it was a mummy

  • I got goosebumps books

  • do you have old toy story toys

  • I still read the books

  • Oh man! Now you have my attention! I LOVE ANYTHING GOOSEBUMPS! This is too cool! I love all the faces and sounds! thanks for the review! Seems like a tough game…LOL…any directions come with it?

  • looks really hard and sounds creepy and I love your videos 😉

  • V. M.V. M.

    Author Reply

    it kind of reminds me of those talk back electronic games that came out after home alone

  • thatbis one angry beaver. haha cool but baffling toy dan.

  • What I could find on the internet ….
    As it says on the box:

    Automatic Memory Replay!

    Curly's Evil Laughters, Hamster's Slurp, Horror's Howl, Mummy's Creaking door.

    Get ready to play a game of chilling Goosebumps "haunted headstone!" The eerie object of this game is to mimic the monster sounds! Each character has a frightening way of letting you know he's around! So listen to competetive slurps and screams and creatures in the night, but if you dont't copy all the sounds just right, you may just get the fright of your life!

    Model 7-537-5
    Ages 5 and up

    Made in China

  • I had it as a kid …. and I thought it was more directed to smaller children.
    Did not know that it was a game … but more of a toy that only lets a lot of noise.

    Greetings from Scandinavia.

  • You could have hours of fun with that!

  • Dan you really bossed that game 🙂

  • Dan cDan c

    Author Reply

    i think it's like a maze, like in those old text games