How to Connect E-Drums for Rockband 4 Pro Drumming on Xbox One/ PS4

Playing Pro Mode for Drums on Rockband, should honestly be the only mode that you play. Here I’ll show you how you it’s done and a few tips on how to get started. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Stuff You’ll Need:

Rockband Midi Pro Adapter Xbox 360:

Rockband Midi Pro Adapter Playstation 3:

Midi Cable:

Alesis Drum Kit:

PDP Rock Band 4 Wired Legacy Adapter – Xbox One (Good Luck)

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  • I used a similar but a bit slightly different setup. I had Yamaha dtx532k set. It doesn't have a midi output but it can be connected over usb with a laptop. Then the mad catz controller was connected to the laptop via a usb-midi cable. On the laptop i had some midi app running to convert notes from drum kit into midi notes. It was working all good however there was some 100ms lag that i couldn't wrap my head around. It was most likely between mad catz controller and ps4. I was troubleshooting it and delay between kit and laptop was around couple ms. Between kit and mad catz same (there is a led on mad catz that o compared in slo mo). Annoying.

  • where the hell do i get the midi adapter for PlayStation now. seems like no one sells it 🙁

  • Thx!

  • Does a Alesis turbo work?

  • I'm trying to get the midi adapter for PS3, but the only one i found is 300 buks, holy shit

  • What i need to use My electronic drum and play in PS4? Can i play guitar hero?

  • Bro thank you 🙏 I need the drum for low budget I gotta wait tho but thank you

  • Question. I am trying to connect my hi-hat and my crash together, but do I connect the two into the "Crash 4" port/input?

  • I can't ready up

  • I have an electronic drum kit with midi pro adapter for Xbox one why can't I play online

  • So besides the $400 adapter for the PS4, is there any way yet to get e-drums going?

  • does the wii adapter work for ps4? when i click the amazon link it says the ps4 one isnt available

  • Thinking of purchasing the Alesis Nitro, when you said it comes with everything, does that mean EVERYTHING (two kicks, all cords to connect to Xbox 1 and no need to buy adaptors, drum sticks, etc.), also how do you prefer playing on mesh heads? Back when I was big into RB2 I had a modded mesh head kit and I loved it but not sure how I felt about not hearing ANY noise from hitting the pads.

  • The mad catz adapter is sold out for the ps4. Could I just buy the Xbox adapter and use it on the ps4?

  • Thanks for the vid good stuff. After some research its actually cheaper just to get a ps4 and an alesis kit than the pdp adapter. As of right now, someone is selling it on ebay for $1000

  • will ps3 midi adapters work for ps4

  • anyone know where to get a ps3 one cause amazon is out

  • L SL S

    Author Reply

    If you're from the UK, good luck finding the ps3 adapter too lol.

  • When I plug the drums and everything in and start the game, the controller is showing as a microphone on the game. How do I fix this?

  • Hi do I need the legacy adapter with XBOX 360?

  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol will take that residue off the adapter, man. Cheers.

  • What Song Were You Playing On Pro Drums In Rock Band 4 Before The End Of This Video?

  • "Unreasonable prices, like upwards to almost $100" ha.. haha…… If only…

  • Do you need the PDP adapter if I wanted to just play RB3 on Xbox 360?

  • Does this also work on PC? For phase shift

  • I have a sd200 simons battery I would like to know if you can connect to the playstation 4 with the rock band 4 game. Help please

  • To clean that sticky dust off you need to rub it with alcohol. clean as new

  • I want to connect my e-kit to my xbox 360 and xbox one, will the midi adapter work for both?

  • Do the Alesis kit works on ps4 only with the usb cable? If not, should I get the midi cable and a PS3 adapter? Whats the adapter for PS4?

  • I have this adapter already that I use to use XBox 360 drums with RB4 on XB1, will this work w/ a real eDrum kit or will I need the wired legacy adapter?

  • Lol its cheaper to Buy new ps4 pro console rather than pdp adapter on xbox, its ridiculus

  • Why is the pdp adapter 900$?!?!?!?!?

  • Is there anyway to use a wireless adapter cause the wired legacy adapter is a little expensive

  • Very well made video, deserves more attention

  • Can anyone help? I have an ion drum rocker for Xbox 360, (with an Alesis drum brain, Alesis bass drum and pedals) hooked up to a madcatz midi pro adaptor, and into my 360. Everything works as it should except the sensitivity is messed up. Either the cymbals double/triple hit and the toms work fine, or the toms don’t work at all and the cymbals hit normal. There seems to be no in between as far as sensitivity on the adaptor goes. Does anyone have any advice?

  • Imagine paying 500 dollars for an adapter to play rock band😂😂 so beat cause I already have e drums

  • Alesis makes a kit made of mesh heads that feel realistic and are very quiet I would recommend that

    Oh and Christmas rolled around. I’ve been playing on my Alesis all day and I have to say it’s the best acoustic feel for a great price (350-500 for low end)

  • Do I just need the midi pro adaptor for the x box 360 to hook my e drums up to the system can anyone answer ??????

  • Ive always been thinking on getting a Ekit for rock band. I still play the drums a lot. Hmmmm

  • I have the roland hd1. And I was wondering if i could use it for the drums. It has got midi, but I dont have the midi pro adapter. Its not available in my country. Is there another way i Can use it for rock band?

  • Does it work with the roland hd1? Its just because you probrably cant do configuration with it.
    And If i Can, how do I do it?

  • Can you hook an Alesis electric drum set up to the wii

  • ahh fuck man. i haven’t played in a while and was planning on getting it for my xb1. but those damn legacy adapters are going for upwards of about 600 fucking dollars new. WTF. guess i’ll have to go buy all my old dlc on ps4. fuck, all my songs man 🤬

  • K4M1K4M1

    Author Reply

    Dude the td50kv is easily $8,000 as well as the $10 per set of sticks, $7 with stick wraps, $200-$1,200 for a decent speaker, $200 for a decent double kick pedal, and $150 for a quality drum throne

  • Will the ps3 adapter work on the ps4