How to do Cat's Cradle EASY! Step by step, with string

Step by step instructions for how to do Cat’s Cradle with string. Shown from the user’s point of view! Detailed directions demonstrated very slowly, step by step. These instructions are available as a printable page for how to play Cats Cradle at

This is a two-person string game or string figure. There are three basic string shapes for Cats Cradle that are passed back and forth between two people. The object is to see how long you can keep it going without messing up.

Naturally, my adorable cat Rocky makes an appearance in this Cat’s Cradle tutorial near the end!

Big thank you to my adorable daughter and her adorable friend for helping to produce this tutorial!


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  • i forgot all about this than i was watching mad men and i saw them playing it. so nostalgic!

  • My mom taught me this when I was a kid, and I just tried it again the other day with my 7 yr old daughter, but I seem to only do the same 3 over & over again. I can't remember for the life of me how to do it, so thanks for the video. YT might suck a@$ most of the time, but, it does come in handy now & again, especially when you can remember how to do something you haven't done in 30 yrs! The ones on here though are the ones I can do, but I could swear there were many different patterns, & some that were actually difficult?

  • Omg!! I remember playing this when i was in 3rd grade with my friends. I miss them a lot!! They're the ones who taught me this lol. Best childhood game ever ❤❤

  • Shhhhhh ape

  • Flipping birds on the wrist?

  • I want to do it but I have a mean brother

  • LOL

  • I love this game I play it with my dad!😻

  • My mother taught me how to do this when I was a kid

  • We used to play this in Romania as kids😊 It's great to see this and remember how it's done! Now I want to try it

  • Mathew Castro remember when we did this like 10-12 years ago

  • Im doing this with my bf after lockdown

  • Dis is sourcery

  • Who is else is watching this from 2020

  • My beautifull cat was missing

  • Step 1: have a friend

  • First step have a friend and not be in quarantine

  • I do that with my girlfriend's vagina. She likes to get in on it too!!!

  • Funfact: In Germany we call this game "Schweinchen auf der Leiter" which means piglet on the ladder. Don't ask me why I have no clue

  • This is village entertainment in india. I was playing this 55 years ago when I was in primary school. Kids play.

  • This is child's play

  • I’m pretty sure there’s more, and they all have names. The first one, idk, the starter? Second is criss cross, third is I think bridge. And more called diamond, sailboat, and spider.

  • I imagine this game being played by girls out on the prairie during pioneer times. Cat's cradle is a testament to how bored people were in the 1800's. Viva la internet. Lol. jk

  • i'd all but forgotten cat's cradle but randomly remembered it just now, weird

  • there is another stage…

  • Imagine how many times the kid messed up on recording and the mom getting mad

  • LucyLucy

    Author Reply

    You did not teach me stupid

  • qwhastas

  • My mom used to do this when she was a child. There wasn’t any electronics, tv, video games when she was a kid.

  • This must be a little girl's game. I am 62 years old & have never even heard of it. I was watching a game show & they mentioned "cat's cradle" so I came over here to check it out.

  • This is so amazing for cats but it can't work but i like it

  • I enjoyed showing my daughters this video! I said that we used to do cat's cradle when I was in elementary school, at recess or with a friend at one of our houses. So my 10-year-old said "that sounds like a very 1980s thing." 😂

  • Its okay I guess

  • Im here because of dexter

  • I like to keep it complicated and use my pinky

  • I like feet 🦶

  • I don't have any likes

  • Am I the only person who looped my own wrists without the help of a friend ?

  • Sick

  • Used to do this with my bff in the 70's.

  • thank you this helped so much ❤❤❤❤

  • 1.4 million views? Wow

  • I love you mommy.

  • You do it o NV your hand not your wrist

  • I thought cat cratle was one persongame but its not and I cant play cuz I have no friends

  • I love cat's cradle I played it with my friend but you did a bit wrong from how we do it

  • Nice game. My niesces love it. Thanks.

  • It’s a tradition Japanese game but a tiny bit different (btw I’m not Japanese)

  • Got this game after watchin' "Doremon"!

  • Could you teach the tricks?