How To: Replace the SSD in your MacBook Air 13" (Early 2015)

Time to upgrade or replace your SSD? It’s easier than you might think and you’re in luck, because today I’m going to show you how to replace the Solid State Drive in your 13″ Macbook Air.

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  • LexLex

    Author Reply

    Can you also replace the ssd in late 2015 Macbook Pro?

  • i have 11 inch macbook air. will it work on that?

  • would this make my laptop faster?

  • What about operativ system?

  • My OLD Mac Air 13" is dead, it has 256GB SSD

    I Bought a new MAC Air 13" with 128GB SSD

    If i swap the 256GB SSD from old to new.. will i get all my OLD DATA.?

  • i am looking for ssd 1TB or 500 GB any recommendation for a cheap price online which one we need to use in macbook air 2015

  • E. TE. T

    Author Reply

    Those titties look gr8

  • More accurate title would be: How to: Remove the SSD…

  • So I’m trying to find the specs on the ssd that comes already installed in this Mac.

  • Just bought a used Samsung 512GB SSD… Hopefully it will do the job. After a quick research i found that all other brands won't work properly or are significantly slower.

  • Was it too hard to make it brief like this video. Giving only half the info. Not here to see your pretty face and smirks.


  • can anybody tell if it would be possible and compatible to upgrade to 1TB ssd??

  • Bom dia, hoje 13 de Dezembro de 2019, o meu é um MacBook Air meados de 2011, o HD ssd dele de 128gb queimou, fiz a troca por um SSD de 256, ele reconhece na minha máquina, mas não consigo instalar o sistema operacional nele de jeito nenhum, dá o seguinte erro; O MacOS não pode ser instalado no seu computador, nenhum pacote adequado para instalação foi encontrado. Entre em contato com o fabricante do software para obter assistência.

  • could you write me some links of models that could work with this Macbook Air 2015
    thanks!! 😉 and good tutorial


    Only shows how to remove!

    Don't talk about the adapter required or compatibility

  • We don’t wanna see ur face, just speak n focus ur camera only on the motherboard…

  • Hey loved the explanation, but i've got a doubt. Which Type of SSD should i get for the macbook air early 2015 13"? NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD ? Anyone? Thanks. 🙂

  • Where's the tutorial? All I see is this ravishing young woman.

  • 2:02 is where it really starts

  • Can this also be accomplished on the 11” model? I got a 128GB version, what a mistake.

  • Clear and concise video. Thanks for posting,

  • macbook pro early 2015 13", is there any limitation about of new ssd hard size?

  • is it compatible with "MacBookAir7,2" 2017?

  • Great video!!! Thank you!! How you replace SSD from 12’ Max ?

  • I didn't know you could upgrade the storage on these, maybe thats the RAM im thinking of. What's the latest model you can perform this upgrade to ?

  • As far as the MacOS, is it as easy to re-download once the new hard drive is installed. I’m replacing a fried ssd so there is no way to backup anything.

  • Why would this video only show half of the procedure? She took it out, and then the video tells us to go somewhere and see the rest of the story. Also, i believe that this ssd is special and not a industry standard model…Thanks Apple for making it hard to use your products. I get it though…money for you…more and more. Only way for us..the users to recoup is to buy Apple stock, which I have done, so I am ahead of the game in dollars.

  • they didn’t even show how to install the os on a new ssd fuckers

  • macbooc it is boolshit. in rusia nobady use it

  • Bonjour et, un immense merci pour votre vidéo aussi succincte que réaliste.
    Tout mes compliments

  • which is latest macbook air (model) release to date, where i can upgrade the SSD ?

  • OK, but what about the OS

  • wow i miss gwendolyn did she leave ifix it ?

  • Where to purchase a 256G SSD for air?

  • Hi I have Mac book Air Early 2015 version (MJVE2LL/A and MMGF2LL/A configurations have 128 GB of flash storage) . I wanted to upgrade to 512 GB or 1 Tb. I wish to know which SSD card would be compatible with this MacBook air. Does Samsung SSD 970 PRO or EVO 512 or 1tb is compatible? kindly reply ….

  • Which SSD should I buy for my MacBook Air Early 2015?

  • thanks for nice footage

  • I have the mac air 5,2 purchased in 2012. Can I do this?

  • Amazing, thank you! Great enclosure product too