Live Retro Video Game Hunting #131 Flea Market &Yard Sale Finds…. We're Back!!!

HI everyone. Thanks for checking out a ALL NEW live Video Game Hunting episode. I was able to get enough footage from last weekend for a Game hunt and a Toy hunt video to be separate.

I appreciate all the support during the Covid times and Hope everyone is still being safe if going out hunting.

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  • Mario kart wii at this time is $24-$33 not $50

  • The Mario kart Wii is NOT selling for that much that guy was tripping. I saw his leg tattoo he’s obviously a reseller those are the type you keep walking

  • Love those signs! Nice goin Justin! Good to see more stuff opening up.

  • R49 YR49 Y

    Author Reply

    LOL this guy $60 dollar Mario Kart on wii LMAO….

  • Just the thumbnail alone gets me all excited ❤️

  • I haven’t played MTG since like 2005 but I remember when those dragon cards were going for like $20 a piece and I thought that was an expensive Have they retained any value?

  • Love the videos man! You’re one of the big inspirations that got me started!


    Author Reply

    Love it! Good to finally see some live footage this season.

  • Nice pickups! Those signs are awesome! And that Carnage box is mint! Great video and keep up the good work!

  • Muy bueno él video de video games

  • It is crazy how much wii games have shoot up in price. Who knows maybe in 10 years the wii u will be considered collectible

  • Will you sell one of the ps2 signs?

  • Sproochgaming's out looking for the Mario's, the Mario's. Woo!

  • Cool signs

  • Nice pickups Justin!

  • Great video!

  • Great video Justin! Those sign things are awesome! That box for Carnage is MINT as hell. Really digging that Sega Saturn sign thing!

  • Awesome!

  • Awesome video bro!

  • Great Work. this Reminds me of a few years back. Let's be youtube partners x3

  • hi