Longplay of Defender

Longplay of Defender, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Nov. 3rd, 2002. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:41 – Opening
0:06:06 – Triton: Durga Canyon
0:08:36 – Triton: Romulus Flats
0:14:22 – Mars: Cydonia Base
0:23:20 – Prometheus: Lake Thantus
0:35:28 – Prometheus: Lleras Dunes
0:41:09 – Rhea: Olduvai Gorge
0:52:50 – Titan: Aeneas River
1:03:35 – Titan: Arqus Caverns
1:13:53 – Europa: Legba Base
1:22:42 – Europa: Broumley Canyon
1:36:33 – Europa: Straits of Imisland
1:46:50 – Phobos: Orbit of Europa
1:55:25 – Phobos: Mount Biafra
2:07:59 – Mars: Sirtis Major
2:22:46 – Mars: Bromios Desert
2:40:07 – Mars: Khimat Ridge
2:55:04 – Asteroid Belt: Alchera Fields
3:05:54 – Moon: Mare Frigoris
3:19:08 – Moon: Carpathian Mountains
3:28:12 – Earth: Rome Valley
3:41:14 – Earth: Argentine Pampas
3:59:49 – Moon: Luna
4:11:21 – Ending
4:13:57 – Credits


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  • This is a very unpopular game and there aren't too many videos of it. The objective is to clear a bunch of planets from the Manti's which are the enemy forces. It's a space shooter with a strategy element added to it which becomes more visible in the later levels where you have to deploy troops to build tanks and such. It's not an easy game and I don't suggest you to play on normal mode like I did. You have limited amount of lives and although you can buy a new one each level, you're still going to play some really difficult levels where dying is inevitable. If you happen to get to such level without many lives, you're fucked and you gotta get ready to do an entire game restart. I used an Action Replay code to get infinite lives. That didn't make the game very easy though, as you still get a game over when the enemy destroys your base which happens real easily at the later levels. Unless you're big on space shooters, I wouldn't recommend this game. It's not boring, but it's not very appealing either.

  • Is the ending depressing or what? They literally blew up earth, the moon and their main space station. And the Cornel died.

  • Oh the nostalgia.

  • Underated game 🙁

  • Is there any new game of defender or anything this in this modern time? Can anyone help. I like these type of games

  • Show of hands: Who else misses Midway?

  • Damn I remember playing this game as a kid, I remember I always got stuck on the mission where you have to defend some satellites from kamikaze-bugs.

  • This was when they was remaking
    All there old titles.

  • hawkhawk

    Author Reply

    Underrated af game.

  • MarcoMarco

    Author Reply

    Huh, I dont think broumley canyon was in the xbox version

  • I imagine this is what space force would look like lol

  • hola camaradas gamers, saben si este súper juego de Xbox es "retrocompatible" para jugarlo en la Xbox 360?…….no me aburría de jugarlo y lo quiero conseguir de nuevo para mi 360

  • Nemesis and Defiance were always favorites of mine

  • I loved this game so much. I only remember one level ever giving me a lot of trouble but aside from that I always thought the game wasn't too hard.

  • Thank you, i am just on my nostalgia trip.

  • Nostalgia at its finest, still remember scared the shit out of myself playing this game

  • Loved this game as a kid

  • It's kind of funny how when you rescue the colonists, they just cling to the underside of your ship like they're circus acrobats or something.

  • Btw the Nemesis's standard gun is an automatic machine gun, just hold the trigger. That ship imo is really busted and you never used it just because you didn't think of holding the trigger down, unlucky…

    P.S.: also the special move of it is really good too, its a super strong a.o.e. bomb that would have been really useful against the snake thingy

  • o jogo é sensacional mais você é o piro jogador do mundo

  • o jogo é sensacional, mais você é horrivel cara jogando

  • I found this game extremely difficult to play back then. Not the tutorial tho but, the actual missions.

  • My only memories of this are the 2 player mode. Good shit

  • I remember this game when I was a child I just miss those moments where I just played those games

  • Ah childhood…i played this while kid…damn nice times…

  • Omg

  • BirdBird

    Author Reply

    I absolutely loved this game, good memories

  • It’s nice to learn about this world a little bit.

  • Thanks cor the video. I remember buying it new for 4 bucks becouse my father recognized the "Defender" logo. It took us some time and that cheat you used to complete it. I loved it at the time, one of my favorites.

  • OHHH YEAH SO MANY MEMORIES! thank you for this!

  • Played this as a kid :,)

  • I bought this at launch and I never finished it and forgot about it. I was never big on space shooters. I like the European box art better though. I should go back to this game someday and see for myself

  • This brings back good memories, awesome longplay.