MacBook Air 2015 Review In 2019 (Worth The Money!)

In today’s Terren Talks Tech I review the 2015 MacBook Air and why I believe it is totally worth the money in 2019.

Check out my UPDATED 2020 review of the MacBook Air 2015:
MacBook Air 2015 Review in 2020 (MAYBE Worth The Money!)

MacBook Air 2015 (Amazon):

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  • Thank you for ALL the love on this video. I appreciate and am thankful for how much you guys enjoyed the review. I did an updated 2020 review on my channel that should better help you make up your mind! Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Nh3lKjnni0

  • Do you think it would be good for editing on After Effects?

  • Does it have a paint program ?

  • Intel Core i5 – is it worth of money to purchase

  • How would I be able to update the 2015 MacBook Air? Ya know like getting Microsoft word downloaded on it… and the latest iOS updates (new emojis), etc…

  • Hi, just wanted to ask you think it's worth it for someone who wants to use imovie and photoshop? Will it be ok.?

  • I think I might be overestimating this Mac. Can it run FCP atleast with small amount of lag? Also, can it livestream games well?

  • not good for logic pro x and final cut pro ???

  • Thank you for making this video. I just purchased one on Amazon a couple of days ago. I was asking myself if I made a good decision. I’ll be using a lot of email, Office software and Netflix. Your video answered all my questions. Very well written and explained.

  • Can it run roblox and minecraft because i want to chill on the bank and play some roblox, minecraft these games arent heavy at all but i was still wondering i dont think you will see this comment but yeah..

  • Can it still be updated? My girlfriends macbook air 2011 isn't upgradable anymore.

  • How is the camera quality? I really need it for online classes!

  • Currently have the 2015 version and just recently spilled coffee on my MBA that resulted in keyboard damage. I replaced the keyboard and still running strong. As he mentioned on price, i reccomend to spend a little more and get a updated version. Anyway, if you can get a deal, dont hesitate to pull the trigger.

  • Great review! How do you cmpare the 2014 to the so15 model, is the 2014 worth it as much as the 2015?

  • How about in 2020 , is this suitable or best to get 2017 onwards

  • Great video bro! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Any idea on what I would to run multiple displays from my MacBook Air 2015?

  • Just bought this hahahaha

  • Finally someone who isn’t overreacting to how bad the display is!

  • Better get the MacBook 12 inch

  • L I ZL I Z

    Author Reply

    I'm looking to start music producing on garageband for as a hobby. Do you recommend this for me?

  • What would be a good price for one of these? If I were to but a used one off eBay?

  • just bought it!! totally worth the money!

  • what is the battery life around? if buying refurbished?

  • Hey Terren do you think it can run don't starve together and football manager 2018?

  • Is it good for light gaming like Roblox, Minecraft etc?

  • Thank you so much this helped me out a lot you just earned another sub keep it up man

  • Finally, found a good laptop to get. I found one for 230£. Is that good?
    I will need it for watching YouTube, light gaming, and coding, probably.

  • Can i use this for matlab, weka, R, python programming on ides like pycharm and spyder?

  • Who all are using it in 2020 without any regrets ?

  • Definitely thinking of getting one, all I wanna know is will it still run the latest OS system? I'm assuming yes as as long as its a Mac it will support it no matter what, but just wanna make sure 🙂

  • Loved your vid. Got straight to the point and described and explained everything I was looking for

  • I have one on the way. I'm excited for it!

  • SeathSeath

    Author Reply

    Could I use this Mac for designing? After effects and photoshop?

  • AugzyAugzy

    Author Reply

    would this be good for editing 1080p videos?

  • Do u know if AirPods can connect to 2015 MacBook Air ?

  • To your knowledge, has this MacBook slowed down any in the past year since you’ve uploaded this video? I’m looking to get one for college but I’m so frustrated with my current laptop because of the slow loading and crashing that I don’t want that to happen if I get this one

  • I own a 2018 and a 2019 Macbook Air retina (for work and home etc). I have always wanted to own a 2015 Macbook Air and they are cheaper now, but hesitated because of all those arguments (plus I am accustom to the retina for years now). Thank you for this video. I won't feel as bad grabbing one for my collection.

  • I've one, I still use it every day and it's great. Also, I stream every day and it works great. Worth it. I got it 5 years ago.

  • MaxMax

    Author Reply

    im a student but also i love to play sims 4 would y'all recommend??

  • Is it good to edit videos in 4K resolution???

  • You deserve more subs! Short and straight to the point explanation. Wish you all the best this year man 🔥

  • Great for photoshop, all I needed for a photography and film student, fast, slim, and soooo lightweight. Perfect for me

  • Hello! I got my mac last week and I have it on MacOS Sierra. I was just wondering if I should upgrade to MacOS Catalina for my 2015 MacBook Air. I have looked for reviews on it and everybody says that they have been having problems with it. I'm not sure if I should upgrade.

  • This the bootleg MKBHD???