MacBook Air 2015 Review in 2020 (MAYBE Worth The Money!)

Welcome to my MacBook Air 2015 Review in 2020! I had a previous review posted of my thoughts on the MacBook Air in 2019, but a lot of you want to know if the 2015 MacBook Air is still worth it even in 2020!

MacBook Air 2015 (Amazon):

**Previous Review** MacBook Air 2015 Review In 2019 (Worth The Money!)

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  • using a hand-me down 2015 macbook air right now! it works great for the simple stuff

  • Just bought my daughter a 2015 Macbook Air. Just bought two Macbook Pro's for my other daughter and I as well. For the price I do not think you can beat them in performance. I bought each of them off of Swappa with all pretty low battery cycles for the year that they are.
    Also, can you tell me more about the logitech speaker you have below your monitor?
    Thank you for the review.

  • Watching this on a MacBook Air 2015. I got this when it was brand new to edit videos and short films on Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro. I still use it for those things now, and while you'll have to deal with slower rendering and fans going crazy loud, it does get the job done pretty well if you know how to work around it. And I've heavily used Lightroom on this with no lag issues. Just have a decent amount of free space, keep this thing plugged in, and you're good to go.

  • I still using macbook air 2015 for music production and editing video, still convenients

  • Nice video. I have macbook air 11 inch early 2015

  • What Mac is are you running on the laptop? Just wondering if I should update to Catalina or not

  • THAT MUCH ??! its only $367 where I live

  • i play minecraft and roblox on that computer,both of those games arent hard core games so i'd say they run well on the laptop

  • I miss my 2015 13 inch MBA 🙁 Im going to try to buy another one sometime later on. Currently using my late 2011 11 inch MBA with MacOS Mojave, runs very well despite how old it is.

  • Just picked one up for 100 lol I love it

  • Said it’s better in every way however you forgot to mention the extra ports of 2015 air in the end of the video

  • Awesome review! I hope you'll have more subs in the future! Currently using the Macbook Air 2015 11 inch 4gb variant and I must say it's pretty good for both my school and office work. It still feels like I'm using my desktop back in the office with a smaller screen. 🙂

  • Why is your mic quality so bad?

  • please What is the current price of 2020 for the MacBook air 2015 in America?and is now available at apple ??

  • please ,can u tell how much time it takes for rendering the 1080p 60fps video in this.🙏🙏🙏🙏 & " should i go for macbook air 2017 for VIDEO EDITING for youtube & BLOGGING stuff "….. please reply ASAP…….


  • Looking for macbook as part of ecosystem. Will 2015 Air be good pair with iPhone SE 2020?

  • I beg to differ about photo editing, I am currently using 2012 Macbook Air with 4GB of ram and it handles photoshop and lightroom just fine. It may lag every now and again but I've used it for it just fine.

  • Is it ideal for editing videos in 1080p or not ideal for video editing at all? I'm a film student looking to buy a MacBook for video and audio editing after the summer for returning to college.

  • Thank you madeing this video in 2020

  • thanks for your video, it helps me a lot #fromFrance

  • J-WoyJ-Woy

    Author Reply

    Picked this up a couple months back for 220 in really good condition battery cycles were low and 256gb SSD

  • I’m using the 2015 13” i7/8gb/512gb CTO model and it’s got a new battery. It’s like a new Mac. It does everything I need and want for the most part. I got it for $800 refurbished and it looked brand new. I recommend one over the 2020 entry level MBA. Plus there are still plenty of thunderbolt 2 peripherals available, including SSDs and docks.

  • Hi Terren! The app CoconutBattery is amazing for information about the battery in your macbook! Around 2:50 you mentioned not having any data for us about batterylife, this app will give you al the data you need ;). Love your content btw! Much love from Amsterdam

  • How is the camera quality. Buying this for online classes

  • I just bought my 2015 macbook air last week and so far, it's working really good and as what the review says, it gets the job done. I personally experience minor lags but those are some situations where there are a lot of tabs open when browsing. But so far, so good and I'm loving it.

  • I’m planning to buy it!, as you sayin the video. my financial status it is not the best and I only gonna use it for college. Btw I just found your channel and I thought you were a bigger YouTuber, production, edition and good video quality. Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽 keep going, I love your videos!!!!

  • Hi, is it suitable for occasional video editing? I reallllly like this computer

  • Can you hook up the ps2 to the 50 inch Roku tv ???

  • still using it, though it now has an internal issue with the fan sensor so I've installed a fan RPM application to override because it goes full blast without now. Works amazing I still love it

  • Cool! Nice review. ✌️