My Village Final Thoughts

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame My Village.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough


Part II: Extended Gameplay


Part III: Final Thoughts



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  • Played it last night. Loved strong thematic game with clever mechanics.

  • Interesting point on the 'sandbox~constraint' spectrum of game design. My wife and I seem to move around on it a little bit. To use your painting analogy, sometimes we like to freeform finger paint and sometimes it's a sit-down still life. I'll have to pay closer attention to what it is that moves us to that particular point for each game. Interesting…

  • Hey Rahdo, which do you prefer? This or the original Village?

  • Watched your runthough and the whole time I'm asking myself a question so i have to ask you. Why did you film this on top of the table and not inside? I can see there's a game going/done under but that can't be the only reason, is it?

  • If the decision about which villager died was left as a random die (pun!) result, would that ease Jen's qualms about the dying? It would take one decision away from the player though…

  • I played this and own this and think that it doesn't reach the heights of its predecessor. it remains a good game, but in this one death is not such an important strategic element. In the games I've seen or played the plague dice were rarely used, and only to make specific combinations, never to accelerate the impending death of a villager, while in Village people were actually killing off their villagers to earn spots in the chronicle.
    One thing that really annoys me is the cards. This game takes up so much room at the table that it's difficult to play a four-player game on even the bigger tables. I still wonder why they decided to go with square powergird cards instead of smaller euro cards (as did games such as Legacy, for example, which is also a sprawling game but which manages with small cards to not use up all the table space), considering that all information would have been accessible even in less space. I find this to be a uselessly big and that it shows a lack of consideration from the publisher of possible room limitations for the players.

  • Thanks, Rahdo. Just ordered it. Wasn't sure about it as I have Village and have played it quite a bit, but this is different enough while retaining the "story telling" that I like about Village. No brainer, had to have it.

  • The game seems well designed as an engine building puzzle, but I was turned off by how arbitrary the connection between those aspects to the engine building were. A traveler going into the chronicle without ever having actually traveled anywhere? Story being taken away by the plague? Yes, the game system does look fun to interact with and plan around, but what is the point of attaching a theme when those elements of the theme only add more confusion in deciphering how and why the various mechanics interact with one another? It's too bad, because the original Village excels at that.

  • vravavrava

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    The main problem with My Village is that there don't appear to be any plans to release it in the States. Have you heard any different, Rahdo?

  • It looks like a great game ( a little too much iconography, but that's allright ). Still, I'd say it doesn't have the charm of Village.

  • I don't know which I prefer with Agricola and Caverna, personally – It isn't the variability aspect (There's /enough/ tiles for that not to bother me too much, though I can certainly see why it might bug someone, and I think I prefer the Agricola: All Creature's Big And Small 'pick a subset of tiles to build over the course of the game between the two of you' method of doing a communal tile pool), but the lack of tension over food in Caverna (Meanwhile, I prefer the mechanisms of Caverna – there's a greater elegance of having everything on the board for me, and the new farming options makes that feel a little more thematic to me, not that Agricola was lacking in theme, mind)

    I suspect the creeping specter of death thing would bother my fiance far too much for it to be worth picking it up for the two of us, though, and I can't help but wonder if the game would be more effective at two if it was P1 P2 P2 P1, so the player who got the largest available option pool also got the smaller available option pool, but maybe you need , though it didn't look like what dice Jen would want to draft was a consideration for you like what Jen will want to take in a WP game often is.

  • Hmmmm now I'm not so sure about this game! Your comparison to Caverna's sandbox feel is a bit of a turn off for my wife & I. Looks like a definite try before we buy. Great work as always Richard 🙂