My Village – How To Play

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In this episode we’re going to learn how to play My Village.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:59 – Setup
03:44 – Overview
04:00 – The Player Board
04:32 – The Preparaton Phase
05:01 – The Action Phase
05:22 – Creating Your Banner Value
05:56 – Modifying Dice Values
06:31 – Activating Banners
06:40 – Activating a Single Black Banner
08:23 – Activating The First Player Token
09:12 – Activating The Stewarts Office
09:44 – Activating Multiple White Banners
11:00 – Activating The Play Banner
11:23 – Activating The School
12:26 – Activating The Black Question Mark Banner
13:13 – Resolve Villager Deaths
14:51 – Losing Your Last Villager
15:22 – Craft Buildings
16:19 – Fields
16:59 – The Market
17:50 – Travel
19:16 – Churches
20:20 – Monks
20:53 – Council Chambers
22:13 – The Meeting Place
23:29 – Extra Rules
24:30 – Ending The Game
24:48 – Scorig The Game
25:25 – Determining The Winner
25:41 – Conclusion

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  • This is on the docket for the games night tomorrow, scrambling to put up a How To video for new players…Rodney to the rescue!

  • why our game board got different cards ? We don't have that cube and card with grave yeard

  • How in the world are you able to assimilate these seemingly impossibly complex rules for these games?! I wish I could sit down and do that! You must have some special super-power to learn the rules. You have made this game appear so appealing, I just ordered it. I also just stumbled across a "theme song" for this game. Pretty entertaining! Please keep up the great work.

  • Another top quality instructional video, Rodney, congrats. I set up the game, started to pour over the rule book, then said, "Heck, why not Watch It Played instead?" I can now read over the rules quickly.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1. Can players have a plow for each Field card they place? Or only one plow (and hence one extra bonus coin) regardless of Fields [~16:52]?

    2. Can players have a Council Chamber and a Meeting Place [~22:22] or is it an either/or choice?

    Thanks for the idea of foam core boards. I love this idea in general and for My Village in particular. With all the stacks, the game set-up seems particularly vulnerable to bumps. Heading to my Friendly Local Hardware Store to pick some up.

    Excellent work, sir. I've backed a second season of WIP on Indigogo because you're providing such valuable resources to our gaming community.

  • Any chance you could give some more information about the foam core?

  • Great job as always. Very helpful. Can't wait to play it with my group tonight.

  • Hi Rodney.

    First, thanks so much for this video. I just picked up this game at Origins and in our first play had many questions, so your video has cleared them all up.

    Second, it was really fantastic to meet you at Origins, and I do wish I had a chance to talk to you a bit more, but you were surrounded by friends and adoring fans. I hope you had a good convention. Will you be at Essen by any chance? Would be great to see you there.

    Lastly, I really appreciate the work you do, and the quality of your videos. I wanted to say that you really set the bar for the industry and our hobby is better off for it.

    Many thanks.

  • Great video Rodney! I loooove Village and recently purchased My Village. I actually found My Village to be a more difficult game!

  • You are not helping my acquisition disorder! I though I was done with buying games for this month, but this explanation made it too tempting. Great job as always.

  • Would you do a playthrough of this game?

  • Love this game, about time I got mine to the table

  • Hey mister Smith. I am Bulgarian and recently a new bulgarian board game became huge. Would you love if you make How To Play on it. The name is "BATTALIA: The Creation" 🙂 You can check it on BGG. Would be happy if you answer my comment 🙂 Keep the good work !! Learned tons of games from your channel 🙂

  • Welcome back Sir, we hope a quick impressions update about the expo …

  • Dang. Your theme/intro got a Dr Who treatment.

  • Can't wait to see a play through vid!

  • Looks awesome and complex at the same time! LOL

  • Any play through videos in plans for this one? Thanks!

  • 3:00 Those "hexagonal" spaces… are octagons.

  • I find myself watching How to Play videos from your channel even for games my group isn't really interested in just out of pleasure and learning about how to clearly explain rules. Cool intro btw.

  • Awesome intro!

  • I like the new sound track👍🏿

  • our family loves watching your videos Rodney !