New MacBook Air Unboxing – Early 2015: 13 Inch and Review


Apple’s New MacBook 2015 Air Unboxing setup and MacBook Air 13″ Reviewed in this Video, following Apple’s Watch and New MacBook “Spring Forward” event.

Purchase the 11 and 13 inch MacBook Air, Starting at $999:

Fast Specs (13″ Model Unboxed)

CPU: 1.6GHz Broadwell Dual-Core i5
RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3
Storage: 126GB of PCIe-based flash storage
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 6000

LATEST iMac Unboxing – 2014 Edition & Review, Pre New MacBook:

Again, stay tuned for additional details surrounding the 2015 New Macbook Air series and thanks for watching!

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  • It’s really CHEAP📼>JustU.Faith/Apple-Air?懐   Good to have my first Mac computer. I use it for organizing my huge amount of photos in icloud(Around 40,000 pics from 2016). It’s really fast to save photos and synthetic to the iPhone. Valuable to buy this when you have a iPhone. But it’s not a good computer to play games and the the ram is not enough to use Photoshop.

  • He’s breathing pretty fine 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Is this MacBook still worth 330 dollars in 2020? I’m Buying a refurbished one on Walmart.com

  • Is it good to purchase at 2019 for educational purposes??

  • Stop attacking him he did a very good. Review

  • Legit just bought this arrives tmo I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

  • Can i word video after effects on this mac on pro level?

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  • When I typed how to pass out in the search box, this video showed up

  • Can’t wait for mine, going to get it this Christmas 😀

  • best jailbreaking channel mate

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  • I have book air, problem with charging Cable socket. magnetic adapter charging is not working with mac

  • Sir ms office chalga isma

  • i got mine 1 year ago the 999 one 13 inch 128 gb

  • had to switch from macs to dell xps cuz of the crazy price increases

  • Once you go Mac you never go back!

  • Great review! I’m excited to receive my MacBook in the mail☺️ #Subbie4Life

  • I'm in the faze of waiting for something to arive in the post where you watch all the reviews you can find

  • I got this one I’m so happy

  • Dude the way you speak is really irritating! Is this your voice or are you trying to sound like a commentator? It makes me wanna scream "breathe!" Please stop it if you're doing it intentionally



  • In normal people words what can I use this for? Like what are my options??

  • Great product. Macbook user like it. Usb 3.0 Adapter. Order now.


  • Gaming?

  • i got one of these on craigslist for 350$. it was an i7 model with 8gb ram and 126ssd. I think it was pretty good pick up since it was basically new and considering these are really expensive I got mine really cheap.

  • I want to use it for professional photo editing, is it worth the buy?

  • Save $$$, Don't let apple store rob you.
    Buy from amazon. Read customer review, compare price and then decide.
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  • Which shop have one of the spray ?

  • Are those prices in the USA or Canada

  • got mack book birthday late 12 set

  • how to use the stickers logo ?

  • i gettting a macbook air when i come back form vaction i want the color black or a diffrent color that looks nice. i have ti wait until sat to get to the apple store and get it.

  • Thank you so much this helped alot!

  • Does the apple logo on the back glow?

  • love how apple doesn't even give any of the macbook airs a retina desplay. fuckin rlly apple.