Ninja Kidz ULTIMATE Black Belt Test! Awesome Karate!

We have been training for years to prepare for this black belt test! It’s an amazing and challenging opportunity. It was a 3-day test in California with Grand Master Ernie Reyes. Several of the team from our Power Rangers Ninja Kidz parody were testing, including the kids who played The Red, Blue, and Black Rangers. The kids who played Bulk and Skull also tested as well as some of the kids who played puddies.

Now that the test is over we are working on Power Rangers Ninja Kidz Episode 2! It’s Morphin Time!

We were tested on hundreds of skills from several disciplines including:
Taekwondo kicks, and forms.
Brazilian Jujitsu
MMA ground attacks and defenses
Filipino Stick and knife skills
Self defense
Open forms & awesome tricking


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