Risk: Global Domination – SKUMBAG ALLIANCE! (4 Player Gameplay)

Stumpt plays Risk: Global Domination! This is a new Free-to-Play Risk game that stream-lines a lot of thing and makes the game play a lot faster!

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  • To everyone saying "this isn't new, I've had it for years on my phone!": it's new on PC you nerds <3

  • Alternate title: Ash spends way too long completely ignoring the territory card feature.

  • How do u private chat for alliances like type and send a message

  • Only reason you lost it because you’re so stupid you saw yellow I were there but you didn’t even care about him you care about everyone else who is it simply just not even a threat

  • Biggest tip I can give on online risk matches is to make a retaliation army so if they attack a territory a big army is released and don’t stack all of your crap on someone’s border since they will stack on yours.

  • Please. Stop posting videos when most, if not all, players have no clue of the rules of the game. Not fun watching when the only thing that wins is misunderstanding of the rules by players.

  • 1:00:11 I wanted this to happen lol

  • That was hard to watch…

  • Maybe if you stopped joking about Ash and Madagascar 😂, you would’ve made an alliance and stopped overlord Rick from winning.


  • It somehow always happens from Asia. That's because the players focus too much on North America, South America and Australia.

  • They weren't playing correctly because all they did was blitz, but the the commentary was hilarious. I still don't know why this video wasn't called the War of Madagascar.

  • Red army is most stupid player ive ever seen

  • I dont think there are any other games out there that have pissed me off more than this game! LOL

  • When Price could have taken central America and completely stopped ash but didn't I got so raged

  • When you get more points,look his/her places. If you enemies places more bigger than you, don't attack. Just fortify.

  • 49:05 I keep laughing at that sentence, Ash

  • you should try risk factions

  • thats sudan ethiopia nigeria somale etc

  • Please do more risk!

  • I did 1vs1 on the board game with my dad and it took 7 hours lol RISK: Lord Of The Rings

  • So many troops being thrown to their unnecessary deaths haha

  • These people are so bad

  • Play the tutorial first …

  • To all the people who say risk isn't random 1 random is technically impossible for humans 2 any game that has dice or cards is automatically rng or random 3 technically a d20 (20 sided dice) has a 5 percent chance of getting any particular number but if you roll ad20 100 times you are not going to get each number five times this being able to happen is called random so yes risk is random. Ok risk HEAVILY favors the first player and does NOTHING to balance it I want your opinions on this but pls don't get to intense about it

  • 3:44 Except that I completed a game in two hours XD

  • I played this game for years and i never knew that you guys would run into this game

  • SpyreSpyre

    Author Reply

    Game : Risk : global domination.
    Me: More like Rik global domination.

  • "you know who wins before the game ends" yeah if you play it like that noobs xD

  • 1:05:24 Vive le Québec!