Samurai Girl – Gameplay – Trailer

Samurai Girl by CJ Internet Corp.

Samurai Girl is an RPG classic waiting to happen. –

5 STARS! Samurai Girl, an all action RPG style game that looks set to be an April smash. –

4 STARS! Highly recommended for Action RPG fans..Samurai Girl triumphs as a sidescrolling action game on iOS –

For those of you seeking out some exciting finger tapping fun, look no further than Samurai Girl. –

If you love iPhone Action-RPG games then you’re in for a treat. –



Skill variety and the use of combos is great for a game like this, and the integration of a growing pet that you can actually fly on in later stages is a really nice finishing touch. — David Yin

I liked the storyline. Found it to be interesting and kept me wanting to play more to find out what happens next. — Nick Manfre

The Action is the best part of the game. I have played and enjoyed many games of this genre, but the little things in the fighting make a lot of difference to the experience as a whole. — James Payres

The skills are very unique and I love the item combining system. The Phoenix pet is also unique to this game and is pretty cool how it evolves. — Alexander Lee



Epic story driven gameplay through 4 beautifully designed worlds, with over 50 quests and 15 bosses!

Never Before seen in Action-RPG Games, you will be able to train a pet and raise it to be a lethal guardian and loyal companion.

13 expert Sword fighting skills can be unlocked and upgraded.

Acquire and combine mythical stones to upgrade and strengthen your equipment.

Discover hundreds of treasure and equipment all distinctively classed to help you in your adventure.

Game Center Integrated, you will fight in the Minigame Challenge to see who is the king of the mountain.

An in-depth tutorial and simple user interface was created so new and experienced RPG gamers could immediately get started.

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  • I remember playing and beating this game on my first ipod touch back in the days. Amazing game and graphics for the time

  • I cant find it on appstore anymore,anyone knows another way to download it?I really like this game

  • is this game is still available?

  • what happened to this game? please respond

  • Hub under h boo Montauk pizza kEep p Mar Blog land all l zipWeitzman no Ppb

  • I had this game before and deleted it now I want it again and it's not on the store?!

  • am i the only one being screwed? I can't download it… is it IP blocked in the USA?

  • Yu LeYu Le

    Author Reply

    i beat like 107 fire golems alot

  • @FashionDesigner1123 bump!

  • Where do you find the fire golem? It's for a quest and I can't find it

  • @mouseXtreme yes omg i need to know aswell!!!!!!where is the combination menu??i dont understand:(

  • No cheats for this game or sumthing?

  • Can anyone explain how do I combine stones ??????????

  • How do I beat lizards dungeon I can't get across

  • How do u beat lizards dungeon I can't get across and it wont let me fly

  • Hey I am lvl 68 and my Phoenix is lvl 60 u only can ride it at 60

  • @1808Xuan i have troubles scrolling down on mine too!!! i thought i was the only one tho. ^.^

  • anyone knows when you can ride the phoenix?
    mine is lvl 13 at the moment,…
    and where can you find the fire golem @_@

  • TenguTengu

    Author Reply

    @1808Xuan down button

  • TenguTengu

    Author Reply

    @lilaznyam the phoenix you need to feed it with meat

  • Anybody knows how to scroll down the skills/inventory section ?

  • anyone know how to mount/ride the phoenix?

    anyone know hot to combine/improve weapons using the combo stones?