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SimilarWeb Chrome Extension – The Web Traffic Research Tool | Tool #003

Today’s video is about a tool that I couldn’t live without and that’s the Similar Web Chrome Extension.

Find out how much traffic a websites gets with this simple chrome extension.

Also useful for finding out where that traffic is coming from and what keywords they are ranking for.

If you sign up to Similar Web you can get real in depth analysis on any website or app.

Try Similar Web today.

Tom Osman is a Digital Consultant and Startup Product Manager who helps small businesses and talented individuals with social media and digital. Tom is also a huge tech head with a passion for technology that advances humanity for the better.

Stay tuned as Tom documents the journey of building a service based business from the ground up with nothing but a computer, smartphone, hard fucking work and a thick skin.
Thank you for watching. I hope that you keep up with the videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your thoughts and feelings. Any comments are appreciated and I’ll read everyone…which will be easy to start with.

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