Solar Eclipse [Saturn] by Crystal Dynamics [HD] [1080p60]

Solar Eclipse (タイタンウォーズ) is an on-rails spaceship shooter developed by Crystal Dynamics that was released for the Sega Saturn in 1995. It is the successor to the abysmal 3DO/PS1 title Total Eclipse. Fortunately, everything that was wrong in that game has been fixed here. Gameplay is solid, and the well-scripted cinematics (featuring, among others, the talented Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame) make for a very immersive experience. Sadly, it’s never garnered much attention from gaming enthusiasts, leaving it overshadowed by more popular titles in the Saturn’s extensive shooter library.

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Solar Eclipse, Titan Wars (タイタンウォーズ, 타이탄 대전, 일식, 泰坦戰爭, 日食) | #SolarEclipse | T-15911H, T-15911H-50, T-15903G | Crystal Dynamics (クリスタル・ダイナミックス, 크리스털 다이내믹스, 晶体动力) | Sega Saturn (セガサターン, 세가 새턴, 世嘉土星) | [SS] | #SegaSaturn | PlayStation (プレイステーション, 플레이스테이션) | [PS1], [PSX] | Railshooter (奥スクロール・シューティング, 레일슈팅, 轨道射击) | #Railshooter | Total Eclipse (トータルエクリプス) | Panasonic 3DO (スリーディーオー) | [3DO] | Total Eclipse Turbo (トータルエクリプス ターボ) | SLUS-00021, SLES-00046, SLPS-00105 | 1CC, 1 Credit Clear, No Deaths | #1CC | Playthrough, Longplay | Gameplay | Walkthrough, Guide | Emulator (エミュレータ, 에뮬레이터, 游戏机模拟器) | High-definition (高精細, 고선명, 高解析) | HD | 1080p | 60 FPS


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  • Grande clássico do Sega Saturn!

  • Now that I think about it why doesn't Stuntman have video when he speaks?

  • recently started battlestar galactica for the first time and had a nostalgic pull to watch this. played this game all the time as a kid, story still holds up.

  • I feel like I had this when I was younger. I remember back in the day when the Saturn was still in stores, games were so insanely cheap after Sega pulled the plug. My brother and I would scour the newspaper type list of games at Funcoland and buy as many cheap ones as we could get. Lots of them were bad games but every now and then we'd snag a total gem. That collection has long been gone but I own a Japanese Saturn and still have my copy of Albert Odyssey. Just ordered another Pro-Action Replay cause my old one quit on me. Looking forward to playing it again, brings back so many good memories, it's a nostalgia overload. The Saturn is an incredible system that not too many people experienced.

  • Too young to remember what we were fighting for, just remember the barbarian and the slaughter…

  • 3:55 commander Ivanova! what a pleasure…
    5:30 at last some gameplay! …… I'm out.

  • a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… I produced this game with an incredible team at Crystal D. nice to see enduring love for all the blood and sweat; thanks for posting. -AT

  • Seriously underrated game. A sci-fi shooter with a decent storyline, tons of SOLID voice acting for those cockpit moments, great gameplay and a decent challenge. Track it down, it's well worth it!

  • Recordo desse jogo zerei no meu saturn em 2000 saudades

  • D MerD Mer

    Author Reply

    Greatest video game ever. I wish someine would do a modern version with exact same gameplay

  • The FMV around 12:50 – Holy shit that's Ivanova of Babylon 5!

  • Claudia Christian pretty much replayed Ivanova in this game. Speaking of which, I noticed that some of the sets remind me of Babylon 5.

  • I absolutely love this game. Used to play the crap out of it when I was a kid.

  • I play this game to death on my Saturn 19 years ago!

  • I used to play this a lot when I had my first Saturn. I think it's time I get the Japanese version and give it a go! 🙂

  • Does anyone remember the secret beavis and butt-head mission in the game? where they raided the stuntman's comms?

  • Seriously one of most favorite games! You get to play a bad-ass sci-fi movie! So much fun and has a compelling story!

  • I'm glad I kept my Saturn and all the games Solar Eclipse is one of my favorites this game drove me nuts it keeps you on your toes especially the underground all the narrow caves 😳

  • JPJP

    Author Reply

    Too much of my time in 1996-1997 was spent playing this game… I had a crush of course on Major Kelt … O major kelt ill do anything you say in those pants

  • Great game.

  • I can't wait to be on Xbox One

  • wish this was in HD

  • Thank you for this video! It helped me get past the final airship at the end of the 6th mission that I literally kept shooting at for almost an hour and would just refix himself and keep flying! This game is awesome on the Saturn. I wish it wasn't as pixilated. Your video looks much better than my tv does!

  • I’ve been looking for this for so long

  • I getting more eyecancer with every second watching this.

  • That whole disaster, sans the colonist, was caused by a programmer dying and leaving an attack program on auto-pilot. Amazing how one simple mistake killed so many.

    Oh, and this game is awesome. An adrenaline pumper from start to finish with a rather engaging story. HIGHLY underrated.

  • Great game. The main character who plays the lieutenant was in the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze:)!!

  • I wonder if this game is one of the ones that the FMV video is improved by having the Saturn Video Card inserted?
    Because it does look good enough as is- wow, the Saturn would be ahead in video graphics if it was actually even more improved by that card.

  • I love this one and Sonic 3D blast on the saturn, 2 of my retro faves.
    Thank you for the video!