Stellaris – Warpstorms and their Mechanics (The Secret Mid-Game Crisis)

As of 2.7, Galactic Weather has been added to the game, this means that at any point stuff can start to rain down on your space parade. In this video we’re going to be looking at its mechanics, how it impacts the galaxy at large and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Space weather, it’s a thing now, grab an umbrella, not a shield one based though, that’ll cause problems.

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Video Title; Stellaris – Warpstorms and their Mechanics (The Secret Mid-Game Crisis)

Previous Video Title; How to Play Stellaris 2.7 – Exploration & Expansion

Stellaris Copyright © 2020 Paradox Interactive AB.

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  • Yes, let the Warp consume you! IGNORE THE PAIN OF THE GPU!

  • Hate these storms. Slowed fleets take ages to move around :/

  • Have to admit the post mid-game storm is….kinda negating all that action Paradox made to make the game run faster….nothing says Stellaris like a game that makes molasses look like quicksilver. By the time you get to late game, maybe they should have tech that lets you…I don't know end run at least the velocity aspect of these storms….I get what they were after but literally the last thing Stellaris needs is something that makes the game move even slower than it did before….

  • I remember the first time a galactic storm fired I rushed psionic to get the shields, got cloud lightning, declared war on a fallen empire… 3 months in those shields didn’t mean a thing 🙁

  • If only the new in system "nebulas" and other effects wouldn't look as horridly low-poly. I rarely find myself looking into systems anymore (aside from checking modifiers) since 2.7.

  • Oh nice I had one of these and wondered what it was

  • thanks for the vid! I didn't know that mali from existing geography could stack!

    just a little hint on that 100% malus you mentioned. 50% plus 50% should translate to 75%. Still 25% is probably incredibly slow! But with 100% slow down it would mean, your fleet would be practically immobilised and floating in space. (which would be an interesting event in of itself, though) since you can't just add percantage plus percantage. You would allways need to set a new 100% at each step and continue to add from there.

  • Stellaris is just a Warhammer Dark Age of Technology simulator change my mind.

  • An interesting chrisis would be a fallen empire (cough* eldar cough*) that falls into chaos creating an extremely powerful race with an extremely powerful Leader that then tries to expandera into the galaxy

  • Seeing as my empires turn out to be diplomatic and bearucratic nightmares, probably nothing… Storms don't effect just how much paper work that is needed to get done

  • Hmm. Yeah, still don't gaf. Bad system, ignore system and go somewhere else. But either way Solaris is still a convoluted and boring mess. I mean, seriously, either you micromanage to boredom, or you simplify to a 50 star galaxy and it's all early military rush and building wide. All these scenarios that talk about building tall forget how fucking borrrrring it is. And I like building tall, but seriously micro-managing 10 systems! I'd rather wah my windows.

  • Yo, this just happened to me in my game as a Gestalt Consciousness, I already killed VLUUR using Gray. When the space storm happened I thought nothing of it, only that I didn't remember them existing, because I already conquered the galaxy except 2 fallen empires.

  • Sounds like the Combine is gonna come knocking.

  • Warp storm hits
    Me, who went full palpatine on the galactic community after conquering half the galaxy and the entire L-cluster before mid-game: Huh… Neat…

  • The Squids at 8:45; are those new, or…? (Don't remember any voidspawn that looks like those, or at least in those numbers)

  • Vluur stay in home system and destroy any ships I throw at it.

  • i had warp storm in one of my game, I didn't what it was about.

  • “In the grim dark future of the mid-3rd millennium, there is only war…”

  • Took advantage of one of these storms to destroy Awakened empire (kinetic heavy so could stack armour). Pretty easy to bate their fleets into affected systems.

  • I was in a war against a AE when the storm hit, the funny thing is my fleet is in the other side of the Galaxy where me Empire and fleetyards was based of, I have a Portal 3 systems from the AE borders I was in the middle of my expansion to this side of the Galaxy when they Awakened and decided to declare war on me.
    So the AE send his fleet to attack me half a Galaxy away, I waited they move far from their borders and them moved my entire fleet of measly 300k over the portal, when them finally comeback I already have secured 4 of 6 planets and since they are still far from the occupied planets I conquered them without engage in a single fleet Battle.
    After that I just waited to the endgame crisis to trigger while building more ships and For my insane luck the Unbidden show up two systems from my portal in the border of the territory I took from the AE, took my like half a year to win the war.
    When they moved from the system they show up I jumped my entire fleet in, when they finally comeback it was too late.

  • There should be something that effects armor so players won't only have ships with only armor all the time.

    Maybe strong star radiation that heats up the ship and therefore weakens the armor and hull just like the World Trade Center.

  • Midgame-crisis we have:
    This thing
    L-Cluster but you can somewhat decide when it comes

  • Otherwise known as the great shield nerf.

  • "I feel the warp overtaking me…IT IS A GOOD PAIN!"

  • Hah I just got this mid game event today lol.

  • T.T.

    Author Reply

    Remember: there never was a demon invasion of Armageddon. x)

  • Ahh..this explain why im able to beat unbidden for the first time.

  • Laughs in Devouring swarm

  • I feel that at this point the only thing stellaris lacks is a fallen empire that due to its debauchery and depravation ends up dying and creating a massive tear into the shroud that occasionally spits out different hellish monstrosities,
    They could call it something cool and originall like "The eye of Horror"

  • I just got hit by a space storm on my playthrough in the middle of a big war and I thought it was one of the mods I had installed. Surprised to hear it was in vanilla.

    Gotta say, one of those stormy neutron stars saved my ass when an 80k deathstack was right on my border. The deathstack was slowed so much i managed to get two more 30k fleets to reinforce my 40k fleet with time to spare.

  • My Machine Intelligence: "Warp storms? I can wait, though it will sadden me that I cannot end the biologicals before they perish naturally.."

  • Ok, hands up, which of you squicked a new Chaos god into being? You know who you are!

  • The emperor protects!

  • I had to deal with two warpstorms in between ~20-50 years. One happened, was boring, nothing was going on besides some invasions of smaller worlds (gotta get that biomass man), then the 2nd happened. I was fighting the L-cluster, right when they all spawned too. It was awful. My fleet was still 100% prepared but they were so slow, I'm guessing it made the fight with the gray tempests at least a few years longer, just because my fleets were so slow. But I beat them anyway. Now I'm actually hoping for another warpstorm since I'm fighting a fallen empire and my fleet is GONE.

  • I once did a run where i had a ringworld in a neutron system with no shields. built my tech and ships around having no shields, armor and such. decided to play xenophobic who are also warpphobic, so they never left their system. enemy fleets would get utterly dicked without shields.
    mid/late game crisis wiped me out tho. it wasnt even close. they just kinda swept we aside as they moved through lol

  • My fellow armor tanks, OUR DAY HAS COME!

  • 400th comment, am egotistical bastard

  • Oh man, devouring swarms would be brutal during this warp storm; they already have great HP and Armor bonuses.